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Joshua Clay is the caretaker and physician of Niles Caulder's original Doom Patrol.

Early life

At some point, Joshua met Niles Caulder, a scientist seeking immortality. Joshua became a metahuman, but refused to use his powers.[1]

Caring for the Doom Patrol

When the group of heroes at Doom Manor were tipped off to find out what happened to the Doom Patrol, they tracked the team to a remote location where Joshua was looking after them. Though Joshua was cordial, he neglected to mention that the entire location was subject to an illusion cast by Mento to pretend they were all still young.[1]

At the Bureau of Normalcy, Joshua talked to Niles about his next test subject, Larry Trainor, an airplane pilot, but Joshua was upset with Caulder for ruining the lives of various people for his benefit and was even more upset that Niles had no limits.[2]

In 2019, Joshua was visited by Jane, a woman with 64 different personalities and an acquaintance of Niles. Joshua explained to Jane about the adventures of the Doom Patrol and confessed how the team failed against Mister Nobody, a dimensional enemy of Niles. Upon learning that Mento went mad, Joshua tried to confront him, but was evaded by an illusion from Niles. After Rita Farr, a metahuman with elastic powers, removed Mento's helmet, Joshua revealed that Niles left the team after the Doom Patrol was defeated by Nobody in 1958 and revealed that Niles planned to put Jane in the manor.[1]

A few months later, Joshua is reunited with Jane, who asked him for help in controlling their personalities due to Niles revealing the truth about them. Joshua gave Jane a drug to control other people, but it wouldn't be a cure and Joshua tried to explain everything to her, but Jane was gone.[2]