Josh Jackam was the son of Julie Jackam and Mark Mardon, the Weather Wizard.

As a single mother and a police officer at the Keystone City Police Department, Julie had an old lady called Rita to look over her son until she went back home at evening.[1] After Julie's death, Officer Chyre decided to take care of Josh, as he had great appreciation for his mother and also because Julie never told anybody who was Josh's father.[2] Chyre also asked Rita to look over Josh while he was working, but eventually Josh started showing some signs of elemental power.[3]

It was eventually revealed that Josh's father was in fact the Weather Wizard, which explained the reason behind his unusual powers.[4] When his father learned of his existence, he tried to retrieve Josh with the sole intention of learning the source of his powers. Mardon wanted to dissect Josh and for this reason, he was stopped by Flash, while his wife, Linda protected Josh.[5]

He was killed by Kid Zoom during the events of Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge.




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