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Takion is the Source Elemental, an agent of Highfather groomed to be his successor.

Personal History

Josh Saunders, a blind psychologist, who was chosen by Highfather Izaya to become a Source Elemental and given the ability to manipulate the Source, because Highfather felt he was "a man without destiny" and therefore would not be missed. Highfather named him "Takion of the Source" and told him that he must clean a taint from the Source. In reality, Takion was created as an Avatar of Highfather, as a security measure in the event of Highfather's death. In that moment, Takion was able to see everything, all his failures and victories, and time was without boundary. He was even able to foresee Highfather's death.

While trying to deal with the ebb and flow of energy through his body into and out of the Source, Josh attracted the attention of Captain Atom, The Flash and Green Lantern. After a brief fight he easily defeated all three heroes and left the planet, feeling that with his immense power levels he was a threat to everyone on Earth.

Cosmic Awareness

The problem was that although he had Cosmic Awareness, unlike the New Gods, he had to filter all the information it brought using the primitive thought structures of a human brain, and this dissonance was making him unstable. He spent his time in space learning how to separate the future and past from the present, and forcing his awareness to exist only in the present. He allowed his body to dissipate so that he could re-assemble himself. This was when he first discovered he had the ability to possess others, read their minds, and also their potential timeline and destiny. Takion eventually learned how to accept and use his cosmic awareness.


Takion's most frequent enemy was "Stayne," his dark counterpart, a nameless human woman transformed by Darkseid's power. Stayne was sent to keep Takion from achieving his true potential, and from discovering Darkseid's plan to destroy the Source Wall. After Stayne's creation, he finally caught up to Darkseid and confronted him for the first time. Her first act was to attempt to cut him off from the Source, an act which immediately caused him to appear emaciated; Takion countered her attack and regained control. Later, Takion was finally able to make conscious contact with the Source, and teleported himself, Stayne, and an alien zealot to the Source Wall. During their fight on the wall, Takion discovered that Stayne was an Avatar of the dark side of the Source, and that whichever one of the Avatars touched the Source Wall first would have total control over their half of the Source, and by extension everything.

Izaya's death

During the events of "Genesis," Highfather Izaya learned of Darkseid's plans to destroy the Source Wall and take control of the Source itself. Izaya gathered a group of young gods, including Zeus, Jove, Odin and Ares together to fight him. However, Ares rebelled against Highfather, and killed him. Ares was imprisoned in the new Source Wall by the other gods.


After Izaya's death, the role of Highfather was offered to his son, Scott Free (Mister Miracle), who was Izaya's only living heir, but he turned it down. Takion became the new Highfather. At one point during a crisis, he asked for guidance from Highfather, who had become one with the Source. Highfather was able to temporarily return from the Source by using the body of his Avatar Takion (this had been the real purpose for Takion's creation). Highfather resurrected Supertown, and provided the people of New Genesis with new hope.

Death of the New Gods

Takion would later die at the hands of the Infinity Man, killed along with the rest of the New Gods under direction of the Source. He was murdered at the Source Wall while pondering the other deaths, and was led there by Himon, who may or may not have been the Infinity Man himself in disguise at that point.


  • Source Avatar: A living embodiment of the Source, and to the spirit of Highfather. Takion has the ability to commune with the source and thus gain a understanding of its wisdom, guidance and motivations. He is also empowered by the source. He is the conduit and avatar of the source to the New Gods of New Genesis.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Takion has access to universal knowledge however it is presented to his primitive brain in a way that creates dissonance and makes him unstable. He spent his time in space learning how to separate the future and past from the present, and forcing his awareness to exist only in the present.
    • Energy Projection: Takion's only limit is the amount of energy existing in the Source, he cannot create new energy, but can channel and manipulate existing forms of energy. He apparently can actively shift the signature of wave energy along its spectrum.
    • Force Field
    • Immortality
    • Interstellar Travel
    • Invulnerability: His invulnerability does not extend to bullets, laser-blasts, or other piercing/slicing weapons - his invulnerability is more akin to that of an Amazon, rather than a Kryptonian.
    • Possession
    • Superhuman Strength


  • Golden Staff



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