Josh Walker, alias All-American Boy, was a regular American farm boy from Kansas. Upon graduating college, he volunteered to join the army. While there, he signed up for what he believed was a bioweapons immunization program. In truth, he had been tricked into undergoing a process that bonded his DNA with that of the alien monstrosity Doomsday. Heading the project was Checkmate's White Queen Amanda Waller. Waller used Kryptonite as a binding agent and infused it into Walker's bloodstream. When the transformation was complete, Josh's humanity disappeared and in its place was a hulking creature that resembled Doomsday. Unlike Doomsday however, instead of his body being ornamented with sharp protrusions made of bone, the All-American Boy was outfitted with body spikes made of solid Kryptonite. Dubbing him the "All-American Boy", Waller inducted him into her Last Line program. The function of the Last Line was to protect the United States against Superman should the Man of Steel ever turn rogue. During a quest to rid the world of all Kryptonite, Superman and Batman discovered the Last Line's secret command center beneath the farmlands of Kansas. Superman and the All-American Boy fought one another, and their battle tore across the state causing unparalleled damage. Batman meanwhile, found Josh's parents and brought them before the All-American Boy. Seeing his parents triggered something in the creature's memory and he halted his attack.[1]




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