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Quote1.png You are fortunate, sir. I believe that, just as no man has the right to own another -- no man has the right to take another's life! Quote2.png
Joshua Thomas Wayne src

Joshua Wayne was the brother of Solomon Wayne.

While his brother worked as a federal judge, Joshua ran the many Wayne businesses.

Together with his brother, they would use a cavern system to free slaves in Gotham. Solomon started to build a magnificent manor right above the caves to distract unwanted attention to their activities near the place. However, in 1860, Joshua was killed by bounty-hunters that chased him through the woods, although he managed to crawl home into the wine cellar and die without tarnishing the family name as a criminal.[1]

After Joshua's death, the building was left unfinished and the place was deemed as haunted.[2]

The truth of Joshua's death was not discovered until over a century later.[1]