Josiah Kone was the creator of the African superhero team The Kingdom, but went on to become its biggest enemy.

Josiah Kone was an enterprising man who felt that the wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo caused by the Army of Dawn were growing too deadly and violent for his people. He funded the creation and formation of Africa's first heroic group, The Kingdom. After a terrible battle in which the Kingdom could not win, thousands of lives were sacrificed so that the greater Congo could be saved. However, Josiah did not feel that the lives should have been lost, and after the Kingdom disbanded he sought vengeance against them. Finding the young Isaac Zavimbe, he raised the lost boy and groomed him into becoming a monstrous man.

Years later, he finally got the chance to have revenge. He sent Isaac to murder all the heroes under the alias Massacre. Isaac nearly succeed and managed to kill four members without much trouble. Then, to cover his trail, he had Massacre stage an attack on him so that he could be rescued by Batwing. However, soon after, Batwing managed to stop him from killing Steelback. To provide additional support, Josiah stole the Steelback Armor and remote controlled it to assist Massacre in killing the remaining two heroes. They were then attacked by Batman, Batwing, Nightwing and Robin. In the subsequent battle, Batwing managed to defeat and unmask Massacre, who was actually David's long lost brother. However, the Steelback armor was destroyed and Massacre escaped when it exploded. Batwin then tracked the signal controlling the armor to Kone and interrogated him in order to get a confession. Kone was then put on trial back in Congo.[1]




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