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Josiah Power was the founder of the Power Company, a corporate superhero team based in San Francisco.

Origin and the JLA

Josiah Power was in Metropolis meeting with a Lexcorp attorney when he was caught in an explosion during one of the first wave of attacks in the Alien Invasion. With the aid of Daxamites, Earth's super heroes fought and won against the Invasion forces. Life was returning to normal for Josiah and the rest of the world when the alien Metagene bomb exploded and affected Earth's heroes.

Josiah was mysteriously affected by the bomb but instead of mixing up genes it activated his own dormant metagene. Lab tests showed normal results and Power was released from the hospital and returned to practicing law in San Francisco. A few weeks later during a court case his powers began to manifest.

Reluctantly he resigned from the law firm. Power began to let life pass by him until he replied to a mysterious email about a meeting regarding his "condition". Upon his arrival it became apparent that the same email had been sent to other people affected by the bomb. "The Agent" and his associates announced that everyone were now prisoners to be trained and used as super villains. Josiah was kept drugged and had tests performed on him during this time in an attempt to learn how to trigger his transformation.

During this time several trial runs with other prisoners were made. Each of these met in failure and remotely triggered death. Josiah had secretly been trying to trigger his change with very limited success.

A week later, the Justice League arrive to thwart a team sent to raid the Chicago branch of STAR Labs. In their escape attempt, The Agent and associates decide to blow up the building killing all the prisoners. That is until Josiah steps up and singlehandedly puts an end to their imprisonment. The Justice League arrives too late to do anything more than clean up. He and Superman have a word about the preceeding events and about what to do with his life and his new powers.

Power Company

Working his way through a short depression and other problems, Josiah eventually found a way to combine his old skills and newfound abilities. He decided to found a business of superheroes for hire, structured like a law firm, with partners and associates.

He called his new team, the Power Company. During his tenure in the team, he was put into a coma from a gunshot wound and Firestorm became an associate. He has since recovered and has continued active duty. Josiah lives in Marin County with his life partner Rupert.


  • Rock Form: Josiah can transform into a large, grey, stone-like giant. When this happens an aura of energy begins to form around his body. Superman once told Green Lantern that Josiah is one of the most powerful metas on Earth.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: Josiah is rock hard when in this form. Firearms and other conventional weapons have no affect on him but he can be cracked.
    • Superhuman Strength: Josiah's strength increases in this form. He can toss around thugs and heavy objects without much strain.
    • Energy Absorption: The energy aura around Josiah constantly absorbs ambient forms of energy and converts it.
    • Energy Projection: The converted energy absorbed by Josiah's aura can be projected forward to destroy his targets.


  • Law: Josiah made a living for himself before his superhuman career as a successful lawyer.
  • Business Management: Unable to find a reason to use his abilities in conjunction with his legal aptitude Josiah decided to start a business called the "Power Company" in which he and other heroes fund their adventures with contracts.