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Quote1.png Yes. We are the first rebel force of Apokolips. Some call us the Hunger Dogs. Quote2.png
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Jovita was a freedom fighter and leader of the rebel group known as the Hunger Dogs of Apokolips.

Jovita's admiration for Himon caused her to become a rebel and leader of the Hunger Dogs, smuggling resources from the war machines of Apokolips to feed those in need. She crossed paths with Orion when he was on a quest to find and rescue his mother. His presence attracted the attention of Tyrus and his Tracker, sent by Darkseid to hunt Orion.[1] Jovita and Orion parted ways when he decided to infiltrate Darkseid's army. Jovita became the target of a hunt mission, and Kalibak lead a group of soldiers for that task. But in that group was Orion in disguise, so he helped Jovita and the Hunger Dogs escape. [2] In return for that favor, Jovita helped Orion make his way through Section Zero and find his mother. She also tried to soothe Orion's obsession with his revenge. But not even her could tame the beast that is Orion's warrior nature.[3]



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