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Joye Hummel (b. April 4, 1924 – d.April 5, 2021) was a ghost writer for Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston and is the first woman to write stories for the character.

Personal History

Joye Hummel was a student of Marston's at the Katherine Gibbs School in Manhattan in 1944. After her graduation she worked as Marston's assistant, a job she retained until his death in 1947. She married David W. Murchison and later Jack Kelly, so she was for a time known as Joye Murchison or Joye Murchison Kelly.

Professional History

Only six months after Hummel started working for Marston, her employer's health took a turn for the worse. Marston contracted polio in August 1944, which left him unable to walk. Soon after, he was diagnosed with the cancer that would ultimately kill him.

As Marston's health declined, Hummel increasingly took over the responsibility of writing Wonder Woman stories for Sensation Comics, Comic Cavalcade and the main Wonder Woman title. Hummel was responsible for many of the character's adventures published during that time, although she would not receive official credit for many decades: all Wonder Woman stories of the period were credited to Marston's "Charles Moulton" pseudonym.

Work History


  • Occasionally misattributed as "Joyce".

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