Joystick is a criminal who's capable of possessing and controlling people, making him an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Joystick first appeared at a mall, possessing everyone inside of it and making them fight with the controller on his necklace for his own amusement. When the Teen Titans arrive to stop him, he possesses Djinn, trapping her within her own mind along with him, and then uses her to fight the team. Able to access her memories and feelings, Joystick reveals some of her secrets to the team in the process of the fight, like her crush on Robin to Crush. But when he's about to reveal her biggest secret to the team, Djinn is able to distract him for long enough to teleport her ring to Red Arrow, who is able to wish Joystick out of her mind, breaking his connection with her and the rest of the mall, and defeat him.

Afterwards, while Joystick is in jail, Djinn visits him and magically removes his mouth to intimidate him into not revealing her secret.[1]

Since then, he's somehow gotten his mouth back and escaped from jail, seen conspiring with other villains that the Teen Titans have wronged.[2]

After the other villains he collaborated with were defeated once more by the Teen Titans, Joystick sought out for himself to get revenge, sneaking up on Red Arrow and Kid Flash and possessing them.[3]

Crush and Roundhouse soon track down Joystick, but are beaten down by the combined forces of their possessed teammates. However, after pleading from Crush, Red Arrow is able to break out of Joystick's control, and the three manage to defeat him by detonating the roof over top of them, as well as break Kid Flash out of his control.[4]


  • Possession: With a touch, Joystick can possess anyone he so chooses and then control them with the controller on his necklace. He's once possessed an entire mall of people and even the genie Djinn.[1]


  • Mute (Formerly): After his run-in with the Teen Titans, Djinn removed his mouth while in jail, making him unable to speak.[1] Since then however, he has regained his mouth.[2]

  • Djinn refers to Joystick as 'Sullivan' during her visit to him in jail, implying that it's one part of his real name.[1]



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