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Juan Soria was a criminal drafted for the Suicide Squad.

Juan's parents emigrated to the United States so that Juan could start a new life and become whoever he wanted to be. And for Juan, that was a superhero. He was obsessed with the Justice League and planned to join them one day. While working at a tech warehouse, an accident injured his hand. Delighted, Juan figured that this would finally be his opportunity to become a superhero. He injected nanites into his hands, giving him the ability to place his hand against any locked object and make it automatically unlock. He tried out for the Justice League, suggesting the name Captain Key or Senor Sesame, but got denied. Distraught and lacking money, he robbed a bank but was foiled by the Justice League. Due to his ability to pick any lock, he had to be put in a hole in Belle Reve. Waller recruited him into a suicide squad mission against a mysterious alien invader. Since none of the team members cared about him and had been constantly ignoring him, and Killer Croc even wanting to eat him, he'd die in the field because the unnamed characters always die. At least, he argued, that's how it worked in Star Trek. The team forced him to be bait for the alien Queen, and, already accepting that his death was inevitable, he doesn't fight it. The Queen went to suck his energy and suddenly started to shrink until Juan was able to step on her and squish her. Waller revealed that the team isolating him was a setup to make him lose hope, as the alien fed on positivity and Juan's massive amount of negativity ultimately led to the aliens defeat. Stating that she's not "heartless," Waller said that he'll be generously compensated for the mission, first starting with giving him a better cell. His new "home" was shared with Killer Croc, who presumably ate him because "[he] doesn't belong in this story."



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