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Quote1.png You're makin' a big mistake. I'm tryin' to fuckin' help you people. You don't know what's really happenin' here... Quote2.png
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Chief Judd Thomas Crawford was the chief of police in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the rise of the white supremacist groups Cyclops and the Seventh Kavalry, although he himself was secretly a member of both. He was killed by Will Reeves, who knew of his double life and racist ways, at the height of Cyclops' plans.

Judd Crawford was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1949.

Following in the three generations that preceded him, Judd became a police officer but, also like them, he secretly operated in a racist sect bent on white supremacy called Cyclops. Judd balanced his responsibilities to both, using his position in law enforcement to benefit his racist agenda.

At some point, he married Jane Alexander.

On what would later be known as the White Night, the entire Tulsa police department was subject to home invasions organized by the Seventh Kavalry. All but Judd, Angela Abar, and another officer would be murdered by their assassins.

In the following time, Judd would rise and become the police chief and help enact DOPA, the law that allowed Tulsa police officers to wear masks to protect their identities in the future.

Crawford continued to keep an eye on Angela Abar, getting closer to her family, with sinister plans for her husband Cal.

In 2009, Doctor Manhattan, while simultaneously speaking to Angela Abar through time in 2019, informed Will Reeves of Crawford's racist background - information Reeves would later feed to Angela for the first time ten years later.

In September, 2019, Will Reeves hypnotized Judd Crawford to hang himself in revenge for his connection to Cyclops. Angela Abar, the first to arrive on the scene, covered up her grandfather's involvement, though he took full credit for it.



  • Racism: Crawford was secretly a member of a white supremacist group called Cyclops and revered his grandfather's Ku Klux Klan robes.

  • According to a newspaper clipping, Crawford was born on December 1, 1949 in Tulsa. [1] However, according to the FBI's records, Crawford was born December 15, 1949, in Tulsa. [2]
  • Crawford's social security number was 871-22-00012. [2]