Quote1.png I have used the years as best I could, to learn the many ways of magic. Hell may have cursed me -- But my will is ever my own! Quote2.png
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Judge Ryme was a Christian judge in 14th Century France. He was cursed with immortality by a vengeful demon, and now walks the Earth endlessly trying to rid it of evil.


In 1323, Judge Ryme presided over the execution of a woman found guilty of witchcraft, in Ales, France. As the flames consumed her, the demon Dag-Raith who was possessing her emerged, and cursed Ryme with immortality.[1]

Gotham City

669 years later, Judge Ryme made his way to Gotham City in pursuit of an "elder demon." He lured it out of its human host, Jason Blood, by threatening the life of Randu Singh. Once unleashed, The Demon met the Judge in combat. To Etrigan's surprise, Ryme was his match, harming him with magical and blessed weapons. His unholy curse even made him invulnerable to hellfire. The conflict only ended when Ryme, in his blind zealotry, destroyed an apartment building. At the sight of all the dead, Etrigan accused Ryme of being more sinful than even himself. Appalled by his own actions, Ryme fled the scene and flagellated himself as penance, but vowing to meet his foe again.[1]


  • Immortality: Ryme has true immortality, he doesn't age and he cannot die.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Ryme cannot die. He has endured hellfire and even a building collapsing on him unscathed. He has only been shown to bleed and feel pain through self inflicted penance.[1]


  • Magic: Ryme has had over six centuries to practice the magic arts.
    • Adhesion: Ryme walked up a vertical wall effortlessly.[1]
  • Theology: Ryme is a devout Christian. He has the knowledge and ability to harm demons.[1]


  • Cross of Ages


  • Crossbow: A bolt fired from this crossbow caused Etrigan great pain.[1]
  • Magic Firearm: Whether the firearm is magic, or if Ryme can transform it himself is unknown. The flintlock pistol he starts with can evolve into far more advanced weaponry. The latter able to collapse an entire apartment building with one round.[1]

  • Although Judge Ryme has been alive for centuries, he must have kept himself isolated from the changing world for most of it. He still speaks in archaic tongue, and is only partially aware of modern norms, such as telephones, or "calling boxes".



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