Quote1.png You do not know me, for I assumed my work done. But I know now, my work is never done. Who am I? To know me is to know fear... fear -- The Reaper! Quote2.png
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Judson Caspian was a socialite by day, and an ultra-violent vigilante The Reaper by night. This brought him into conflict with Bruce Wayne.

After losing his wife to a robber in the streets, an event similar to the one Bruce Wayne experienced as a child, he became The Reaper, who prowled Gotham City during the 1950s, murdering juvenile delinquents in vicious manners by impaling them with his scythe weapons. His activities prompted Alan Scott to briefly emerge from retirement to confront him as Green Lantern. Vastly overpowered during an encounter between the two, the Reaper lashed out in a panic with his nunchaku and, by happenstance, struck Green Lantern, whose force-field was vulnerable to the wooden weapons. The Reaper subsequently moved to Europe for unknown reasons.

After Caspian returned from Europe he began his rampage as the Reaper once again, which brought him into conflict with Batman. It was during this time that Batman's actions were questioned by Gotham when he was compared to the Reaper himself. After losing and receiving several injuries from the Reaper during their initial encounter, Batman was forced to join forces with Joe Chill, the man who killed his parents. Having been assigned by the Gotham mob to kill both the Reaper and Batman, Chill began to hunt the Reaper alongside Batman. After revealing his identity to Chill before putting the gun to his head, Batman's revenge was taken from him by the Reaper, who shot Chill in the head. After engaging in a fierce battle with Batman and being reduced to hanging from the scaffolding of a building under construction, the Reaper was finally unmasked. Batman, who had intended to marry Caspian's daughter, Rachel, was shocked, and held out his hand to help the Reaper. However, Caspian, who knew what charges he was up against, told Batman that he would make a fine successor, and let go of the ledge, plummeting to his death. After being exposed as the Reaper, Caspian was given a funeral funded by Bruce Wayne, who stated that he deserved a peaceful death, even if he was a killer. Rachel, who had been unaware of her father's activities, became a nun after Caspian's life as the Reaper was exposed.



  • Armored Cloak: As the Reaper, Caspian wears a large hooded black cloak with heavily armored red leather or cuir bouilli, which prevents bullets and punches from affecting him in any way.
  • Leather Armor: The knees and fists of the red leather armor are tipped with spikes that add more power to blows Caspian inflicts. Caspian also wears a skull shaped mask with hooks on the mouth to cover up the lower part of the face, and red glowing eyes.


  • Scythes: The Reaper wields two scythe-shaped weapons, with various other lethal implements contained in the spiked shafts of both weapons. The scythes are stored in two inverted sheaths located on his back, under his cloak.
  • Handgun: The haft contains a very powerful handgun and smoke pellets to help give to the illusion that the Reaper is in fact an incarnation of death.



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