Judson Caspian spent his life as a crime fighter after the death of his wife and ruthlessly killed criminals. He was scorned by many people including Thomas Wayne. For unknown reasons, he moved to Europe, where his son, Julian, would leave him, before moving back to Gotham City. This also happened to be Batman's first year of crime fighting. Judson once more assumed the identity of the Reaper. This led him into a direct conflict with Batman. This led Batman to go to extreme measures to stop him including using a gun. Batman ultimately defeated and unmasked him at a construction site and found out that he was his fiancee's father. Batman tried to save him, but Caspian chose to fall to his death rather than go to jail.

After his funeral, Rachel left Bruce, and they never saw each other again. Meanwhile, his son created the Reapers in order to continue his father's work around the world. [1] In Gotham, an unrelated criminal took up the mantle of Reaper but used it to kill and rob innocent people.[2]



  • Scythes



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