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Quote1.png These punks need to learn some respect for us in the old guard. Gotham's first made men, the SKELS. Heh. Judson Pierce a.k.a. "SKEL". I like it. It fits. Quote2.png
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Judson Pierce is an aging crimelord with a grudge against Martha Kane and her son, Bruce Wayne.

Gotham Crimelord

Judson Pierce was a prominent mobster in Gotham City and made millions illegally, bankrupting Roderick Kane in the process. Later, when Roderick's daughter Martha tried to get financial support for Leslie Thompkins' newly opened clinic, Pierce took notice and offered Kane sixty-thousand dollars to walk away, leaving him able to come in and profit from the clinic. Kane refused to leave the clinic, but took Pierce's money as a donation.

Angered, Judson hired Karl Hellfern to kill Martha Kane and Leslie Thompkins along with everyone else at the clinic by spreading a disease. The attempt failed, and Pierce was arrested.

Release and Further Incarceration

Thirty-seven years later Pierce was released from Blackgate Penitentiary and tried to get his revenge on Bruce Wayne, Martha's only son, despite being terminally ill with cancer.

He enlisted the help of Hellfern again. Unbeknownst to him, the man he tried to kill was not Wayne, but Hush, who was impersonating Wayne at the moment. In Hush's escape, Pierce was doused in some of Hellfern's chemicals. They burned his skin, but strangely enough cured his cancer, also giving him superhuman strength and a sinister skeletal appearance.

Pierce was incarcerated again and regained his crimelord status, taking the name Skel.[1]