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Jugular was the supreme enforcer of the H'San Natall.

The H'San Natall had enslaved a group of Psions with instructions to genetically breed alien/human hybrids which would be used as sleeper agents on Earth as a counter measure to Earth's superhuman populace. When they were sixteen, three of the eight subjects were brought to the moon of Titan were they were joined by a fourth. Along with some additional assistance from the Atom, these four teenagers escaped from the laboratory and kidnapped the Psion scientist Dorek. When the H'San Natall learned of this they sent Jugular to Earth to sanction them. Arriving in New Jersey, Jugular quickly tracked them down and executed the Psion. Atom and the four test subjects, Audrey Spears, Cody Driscoll, Isaiah Crockett and Toni Monetti, fought against Jugular, but the enforcer's pliable body made him nearly impossible to injure. A mysterious benefactor for the children, Omen, appeared before them and teleported the kids to safety. Unable to finish them off, Jugular returned to his ship. Along with the Atom, these four kids became the second iteration of the Teen Titans.

Jugular returned soon after in search of more H'San Natall hybrids. His journey brought him to Leesburg, Virginia where he discovered the monstrous hybrid known as Fringe. Jugular knew that Fringe possessed an internal "genie" which he referred to as the Entity. Seeking to control the Entity, Jugular tainted Fringe's drinking water in order to weaken him. The Entity proved to be too primal to control. It turned against Jugular and lunged at him, pushing off the Leesburg Creek Bridge into the river below.[1]




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