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Quote1.png Author, scientist, explorer, teacher, mother. The Gods could not have chosen Diana's mentor more wisely. Quote2.png
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Julia Kapatelis was a professor at Harvard University and a mentor to Wonder Woman.

Julia Deneiros was born in the 1930s on Cephalonia to Agostos and Maria Deneiros.

In 1937, Julia was thrown overboard into the Ionian Sea. She was rescued by Thetis, who, by Olympian decree, brought all female drowning children to Themyscira. Pythia volunteered to see to her health, blessed her with wisdom and a strong will, and then let Thetis take her back. Thetis traveled back in time and delivered Julia mere seconds after she had fallen in, so her parents didn't suspect a thing.

In 1944, Julia lost her younger brother Peter, who had been fighting with the Greek resistance. After the war, she moved to Athens, where she started her studies in geology. She met David Kapatelis, an archeology major, and took up this field as a minor when they started dating. They traveled the world together, publishing articles in scientific journals, and eventually married.

Their family was expanded when Vanessa was born, some 17 years into their marriage. But five years later, David was killed while exploring a site in Egypt. In need of a new life, Julia accepted a position at Harvard University. She and Vanessa moved to Boston's Beacon Hill.

Hermes selected Julia to be Princess Diana's mentor when he brought her to Patriarch's world. They endured many adventures together, which saw Wonder Woman's enemies go after both her and her daughter. She was once captured by Circe, but freed by Pythia. She later learned her special connection to the platinum-haired Amazon. But when Vanessa was abducted and brainwashed to become Silver Swan, Julia felt Diana could have done more to protect her. Following Vanessa's rehabilitation, Julia renewed her friendship with Diana.


  • Archaeology: Though she only minored in Archeology, it did become her life's job.
  • Marksmanship: While not a professional, Julia engaged in skeet shooting with her late husband and remains capable of handling firearms despite her advanced age.[1]
  • Multilingualism: Julia can speak Greek and English.
  • Pedagogy


  • Hunting rifle