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Julian Albert became part of the Flash's life in the wake of an ill-advised attempt at changing the past.

Attempting to revert the timeline to its original form, the Flash discovered slight differences.

Julian was hired by CCPD a year and a half after the STAR Labs particle accelerator disaster, joining around the time of "Flash Day". He was the member of the Crime Lab who specialised in metahumans. He ended up clashing almost immediately with Barry Allen, the other scientist in the lab, due to the latter's habit of frequently going missing, then showing up again with useful knowledge acquired through unspecified means. However, the staff of STAR Labs respect him for his skill.

He was later revealed to be the host for Savitar's powers used by the villainous speedster on Earth One. Like Savitar's chosen from other Earths, Albert was unknowingly mind controlled into becoming Savitar's avatar among his cultists under the name of "Alchemy". While Albert was hosting Savitar as Alchemy, it seemed as "Blackouts" from his perspective.

After some help from team Flash, the "Blackouts" stopped, and Albert joined team Flash. Julian's connection to Savitar was used later in the show.

Alchemy Arrow 0001

Under Savitar's mind control as "Alchemy"

Following Savitar's defeat and Barry's self-imprisonment in the Speed Force to keep it stable, Juilan left the team to resume his normal life.

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