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Quote1 You're too late! You can't stop the seasons turning! Quote2
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Julian Day is a criminal who has the ability to age based on the seasons of the year. At the end of each year, he dies and is reborn again the next year. This cycle created his obsession with dates as he uses it to play sick games for Batman to solve.

Calendar Man usually a permanent inmate of Arkham Asylum. When Batman hid Psycho Pirate in Arkham, Bane came for him and tore through the asylum and defeated all it's inmates, who Batman had freed to weaken Bane. Eventually, Bane confronted Calendar Man, but instead of fighting him, Calendar Man stated that everything was just a loop and that all of this was pointless as Bane would never win.[1]


  • Unique Physiology:
    • Accelerated Aging: Day's body ages at an accelerated rate, "with the seasons". Each season he gets older and will always die in winter and molt his skin.[2]
    • Resurrection: After Day dies in winter, he molts his skin and is reborn a young man in his prime. This usually takes an entire year but with chemical spores he can hasten the process to as little as a week.



  • Power Instability: Eventually, Day must die and be reborn. He has little control over this.


  • The tattoos on Julian Day's head are sometimes roman numerals depicting the months of the year. Sometimes the months are written in three letter short form instead of numbers.



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