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Julian Olsen is a Metropolis businessman. His business ventures have lead to him being known as Mister Metropolis within the city. He is the brother of Janie and Jimmy Olsen.

The Olsens and Luthors have carried a heated grudge through several generations of both families and today Julian and Lex Luthor continue the tradition. When Lex wanted to tear down the Metropolis Monarch, a monument created to honor the Luthor family, Julian opposed him. Julian realized that the infrastructure running beneath the monument would be valuable for Lex to rebuild and that Lex would gain a huge advantage by replacing and controlling them. Lex engineered events so that Jimmy would accidentally destroy the Monarch, clearing Lex to rebuild while keeping his own hands clean.[2]

This was the last straw for Julian. Between his own investments and cleaning up after Jimmy's misadventures, Julian had depleted the Olsen family fortune. When he realized that Jimmy had never touched his trust fund and that his death would redirect the funds back to the rest of the family, Julian disguised himself as Mister X and put a contract out on Jimmy's life. Jimmy eventually discovered the ruse and confronted his brother.[3]

Julian tried to flee Metropolis but was cornered at the airport by Jimmy, Detective Trey Corrigan, and the Porcadillo. Enraged, Julian boasted about everything he'd done and pulled a gun on his brother intending to finish the job himself. Before he could pull the trigger, the Porcadillo tackled him through the wall of his airplane and onto the tarmac. Detective Corrigan arrested Julian and Jimmy reported the whole thing in the Daily Planet.[1]