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Julie Gonzalo (b. September 9, 1981) portrays Andrea Rojas/Acrata on the series Supergirl.

Pictured: Julie Gonzalo as Andrea Rojas in the Supergirl episode "Stranger Beside Me".

Work History

Acting Credits

Andrea Rojas/Acrata
Supergirl 2015- Andrea Rojas/Acrata
     "Event Horizon" October 6, 2019 Andrea Rojas/Acrata
     "Stranger Beside Me" October 13, 2019 Andrea Rojas
     "Blurred Lines" October 20, 2019 Andrea Rojas
     "Dangerous Liaisons" November 3, 2019 Andrea Rojas
     "Confidence Women" November 10, 2019 Andrea Rojas/Acrata
     "The Wrath of Rama Khan" December 1, 2019 Andrea Rojas/Acrata
     "The Bottle Episode" January 19, 2020 Andrea Rojas
     "Back from the Future: Part One" January 26, 2020 Andrea Rojas
     "Back From the Future - Part Two" February 16, 2020 Andrea Rojas
     "The Bodyguard" March 8, 2020 Andrea Rojas/Acrata
     "Alex in Wonderland" March 22, 2020 Andrea Rojas
     "Deus Lex Machina" May 3, 2020 Andrea Rojas
     "The Missing Link" May 10, 2020 Andrea Rojas/Acrata
     "Immortal Kombat" May 17, 2020 Andrea Rojas/Acrata

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