Julie Jackam was a police officer at the Keystone City Police Department.

Before starting working at the KCPD, she was a police officer at the New York City Police Department, where she met Wally West, aka The Flash, and started a relationship with him, which ultimately didn't work.[1] Right after their break-up, Julie stumbled upon Mark Mardon, with whom she had a one-night stand. Julie didn't recognize Mardon as the Weather Wizard, even though she had previously arrested him and after their encounter, she became pregnant with a boy, who she called Joshua.[2]

Julie started working at the KCPD, and she was partnered with Officer Chyre, who had been her grandfather's rookie partner years prior. As a single mother, Julie would left her son in the care of an old lady called Rita until she arrived home in the evening.[3]

Julie met Flash again during a violent uprising in the industrial district. After Flash contained the situation, she arrested the meta-human known as Magenta for her past crimes, despite her initial resistance. Flash tried to talk to her and apologize, but she cut him short and returned home, where she realized she should have told Wally about her son. Unfortunately, that same night, Julie was murdered by one of the members of the Cicada Cult.[3]




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