Julie Madison was Bruce Wayne's fiancé.

After her father, Norman Madison, encountered the Bat-Man, she was increasingly disturbed by his paranoia and reclusive behavior. At a night club, she met a woman named Dala who offered counselling for her father, courtesy of her boyfriend Niccolai Tepes. Upon arriving at Rallstone Castle, she talked to Tepes about her troubles, drinking drugged tea afterwards. Tepes drank her blood, allowing her to live only so he could gain access to her father's money. Since that night, she had felt increasingly disturbed and tired.

Days later, she receives a phone call from Tepes during the night, requesting she return to the castle for another of their "sessions". Blindly obeying, she is once again victim to the vampire's blood lust. She is allowed to leave after being commanded to learn her father's company passwords so as to steal his money. The following morning, Mr. Madison gives her a copy of his will (complete with the passwords Tepes had requested), telling her that whatever happened to him in the future, she is to remember that he loved her dearly. Too tired and unresponsive to realize what is happening, she simply says goodbye to him as he leaves.

That night, she returns to the castle, giving the notes to Tepes. Pleased, though having no further need for her services, she is dressed in Gothic clothing to become a blood sacrifice for the Brotherhood. as she is chained to a large, wooden "X", she overcomes the mind control of the Mad Monk, horrified by the situation at hand. Before she can be killed, Batman crashes through the side of the castle in the Batmobile. After defeating several of the gathered minions, he attempts to fight Tepes, only to be kicked into the structure Julie is trapped to, breaking it and freeing her while also starting a fire. As Batman and the Monk fight, Dala attempts to stab Julie. Before she is stabbed to death, she grabs a broken piece of wood, hitting Dala in the head, causing her to stumble and impale herself in the chest. Moments later, she succumbs to the smoke, fainting.

Rescued by Batman, he revives her after removing his cowl and speaking to her in Bruce Wayne's voice. Waking, she realizes her love's secret identity. Despite all she had just been through, she is only worried about her father's safety, as she now realized that he had planned to do something dangerous after giving her his will. Bruce promises that he will stop her father and keep him safe, though neither is aware he has already been gunned down after a failed attack on Sal Maroni and his men. After learning of this, as well as reading in her father's journal how his meeting with Batman drove him to madness, she can no longer stay in Gotham City or with Bruce. Joining the Peace Corps, she ventures to Africa to help the needy; something her father had always hoped she would do.


  • Law: Julie studied Law during her time in Gotham.[1] However she never exercised her career as she decided to Join the Peace Corps in Africa.[2]

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Alternate Julie

  • There was a version of Julie Madison in the 80s, which resembled her Golden Age counterpart, with the background as an actress. She was also a blonde.[3]



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