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Julius Caesar was a Roman politician and general that brought the Roman Empire into power, and was unrivaled in terms of power and influence until his assassination by a group of senators conflicting with his politics.

Due to an anachronism caused by the Legends, Caesar was transported to Aruba in the year 2017. Mick Rory, vacationing in Aruba at the time, captured the Roman general and held him in his hotel room, waiting upon the Legends' arrival. Caesar escaped Rory's bonds and tried rallying a group of college kids, who he believed were Roman soldiers due to their dress style, before the Legends arrived and subdued Caesar. The Legends brought Caesar back to his normal time period, but Caesar managed to lift a history book off of Nate Heywood and learned about his imminent betrayal. Caesar used the book to prevent his assassination and went on to conquer a majority of the world. The Legends managed to prevent this by defeating Caesar's army and wiping his memory clean of the future events.[1]