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Julius Schwartz (b. June 19, 1915 – d.February 8, 2004) was a writer.

Personal History

Schwartz grew up on 817 Caldwell Avenue in The Bronx. He graduated at Theodore Roosevelt High School in The Bronx at age seventeen. He married Jean Ordwein and they spent 34 years of marriage until her death. Schwartz died at the age of 88, after being hospitalized for pneumonia.

Professional History

Julius Schwartz was an American comic book editor. He began his career in 1944 working for DC Comics on The Big All-American Comic Book. Later on he worked on titles like Strange Adventures, Mystery in Space and he also worked on character's titles like Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and many more.

Schwartz is responsible for changing many of the characters' history, making comics more interesting for new generations of readers. He transformed Flash by giving him the red uniform that everyone knows and his speed powers as a result of a chemihal accident. He changed Green Lantern from an earthbound hero to an intergalactic protector of worlds, and he also changed the character's outfit. Schwartz is responsible for the inclusion of the Justice League of America to the DC Universe, which in turn inspired Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four and the beginning of Marvel's age of great creativity.

Schwartz's most important work as an editor are his 14-years run as the editor of Batman, where he adapted the character to be one of the most prominent figures in comics. He also worked on the title Superman for 16 years.

Schwartz died on February 2004, just a few weeks prior to what would have been his 60th anniversary on DC Comics.

Work History


  • Julius Schwartz was inducted into the comics industry's Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1996 and the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1997.

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