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Jumella is the twin sister of Abel.

She was meant to marry Cain, but as he preferred his own twin sister, Aclima, who was arranged to get married with Abel, Cain 'fixed' the problem by killing for the first time Abel, so Aclima would be free for him to marry. Aclima prefered to run from the family than marrying Cain, and so Cain was stuck with Jumella. Cain didn't want her anyway, because she was fat, as his twin brother, so he just shut her in the attic of his house and told everyone that she died.[1]

After surviving thousand of years just eating bugs from the attic, she became slim, and a bit crazy. She tried to murder Gregory out of jelousy before regaining a little of self control. She went back into the attic by herself until the house burned itself after years of mistreatment by Cain.[2] Even with the house burning Cain did not think about the health of Jumella until Eve came to her rescue.

Jumella went to live with Eve at the Cave of Nightmares to heal herself after the burning. Accompanied Abel, Eve, and Gregory in search of Cain, so he would return to attend his house, and found him with Aclima in Litharge, but came back empty handed when he refused to return.[3] During the civil war led by Dread of the Endless she took refuge from the nightmares with the Cartographer, and awaited there until peace returned. After the war, she keep living peacefully in the Dreaming along with Eve.[4]


This character is an adaptation of Jumella, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at



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