Red Racer was the fastest human alive. Flashlight bravely answered the alien call to join the Corp that protects his sector of the galaxy. The Iron Knight, War-Woman, Mer-Man, Cyberion. These heroes, and others, banded together to become the Justice 9.[1]

Chief among them was the strange visitor from another planet known as Optiman. Even with his powers and abilities far beyond those of humans and the Justice 9 by his side, he was unable to survive the Multiverse-spanning threat known as Superdoomsday. Satisfied by his victory, the monster left that universe behind in search of new prey, and what was left of the Justice 9 struggled to put their world back together again.[1]

The Justice 9's members Red Racer and Flashlight were brought to the House of Heroes to aid in the battle against The Gentry.[2] The manipulations of The Gentry caused a zombified Optiman to appear and attack his teammates, before they joined the other heroes of the Multiverse to end the crisis.[3]

Red Racer joined the Justice Incarnate with other heroes of the Multiverse to defend all of creation.[3]


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