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Justice Experience was a super-hero group that debuted in the late 1960's and early 1970's just as the Justice Society of America transitioned into retirement.


These heroes operated along the American East Coast, including Gotham City. Two members of this team are especially significant. The Acro-Bat, whose career was largely unglamorous, one day inspired his daughter Cameron Chase to pursue metahuman investigations. The other, the Bronze Wraith, was actually the Martian J'onn J'onzz in one of his earliest guises.

The entire team (and some of their enemies) was massacred by Doctor Trapp, a disfigured scientist whose wife was accidentally killed in the crossfire between Justice Experience and their arch-rivals the House of Pain. Trapp waged a war against the J.E., creating robot duplicates of them and kidnapping their loved ones. This included a young Cameron Chase, whose metahuman powers manifested for the first time then. She managed to keep Trap at bay but Trap ultimately escaped. Acro-Bat was killed in his own home and found dead by Cameron. Only J'onn survived and retired his Bronze Wraith identity. Doctor Trapp was eventually captured and imprisoned by the Justice Society.

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