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The Justice Guild of America was a superhero team that existed on a parallel Earth universe similar to the one that the Justice League inhabited.


It was headquartered in a quiet town called Seaboard City, where their main nemesis were the supervillains that belonged to the Injustice Guild. Green Lantern John Stewart used to read their adventures in comic books on his own Earth which inspired him to be a hero until the day the publisher stopped publishing them.

As he found out when he traveled to the parallel Earth of the Justice Guild with Hawkgirl, Flash, and J'onn J'onzz, the Justice Guild members all died in the same year that the comic book company stopped publishing their adventures, when a war killed all of them, and an atomic bomb tore through the city, leaving one person behind: Ray Thompson. Mutated and now possessing great mental abilities, Ray recreated the whole city and brought the Justice Guild members back as living illusions, while trapping those who managed to survive the bomb blast as his prisoners, putting them under his control. When the Justice League exposed Ray for what he really was, the Justice Guild, realizing that they weren't even real, turned against their "creator" and disappeared, leaving behind a broken-hearted John Stewart after seeing his favorite superheroes disappear before his very eyes.


Equipment: A trans-dimensional gateway built by the real Tom Turbine that, with Green Lantern's energy ring powering it, was able to transport people across the dimensional barrier to other universes.
Transportation: Catman and Black Siren rode a motorcycle together, while the other members had their own means of travel (Streak's superhuman speed, Green Guardsman's power ring, and Tom Turbine's leaping ability).


  • The Justice Guild appeared in the Justice League episode "Legends", which was based on the classic "Flash Of Two Worlds" story.
  • Tom Turbine was voiced by Ted McGinley.
  • Catman was voiced by Stephen Root.
  • The Streak was voiced by David Naughton.
  • Green Guardsman was voiced by William Katt.
  • Black Siren was voiced by Jennifer Hale.


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