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Quote1 Ours is an Orrery of Worlds--a Multiverse of intelligent life and infinite potential. We need to stand against threats to that life and that potential. I'm proposing a volunteer army. A squadron of super-guardians capable of reacting to cosmic-level threats. That means recruiting the greatest heroes of 50 worlds to our cause. That means you. Quote2
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Justice Incarnate is a Justice League team made up of heroes from across the Multiverse that are tasked with protecting it from Multiverse level threats.


In the wake of The Gentry's attack on the Multiverse itself, and knowing both they and the Empty Hand were still waiting to strike, the Superman of Earth 23 proposed forming a gathering of super-beings capable of defending the Multiverse from cosmic threats: Justice Incarnate.

When the Supermen of the multiverse were being hunted by the Prophecy, the Justice League Incarnate met with Kal-El (New Earth) and Kal-L (Earth-30). The League warned the Supermen of the incoming danger and aided them to find Kong Kenan, the Super-Man of China.[1] The group returned to the House of Heroes, where Superman took the Ultima Thule to the Prophecy to enact his plan as bait, as well as creating a beacon where the other captured Supermen were taken.[2] The House later received a signal from the Thule, and Red Racer mentions to the group that was their only vessel and building another one would take thousands of years; so he sacrificed himself to build a new one, shocking everyone, but luckily his plan worked and they managed to save the Supermen.[3]



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  • Ultima Thule: A ship made out of frozen music, manipulating it as if it were a stringed instrument; it can break the dimensional vibrations of reality to travel to alternate universes.


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