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"Drowned Earth, Part 1": The Blood Reef. Home of the Triumvirate of Sea Gods

Quote1.png It's gone... I can't feel... I can't hear the ocean anymore... Quote2.png

Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2018. It was published on October 31, 2018.

Synopsis for "Drowned Earth, Part 1"

The Blood Reef. Home of the Triumvirate of Sea Gods

Aquaman is still prisoner of the Triumvirate: he's remembering the moment his mother returned to Atlantis, and the pain he felt. Right now, he's on an alien reef, waiting to know what is happening on Earth. He soon finds out that three sea gods that fought against Arion and Poseidon, and were defeated, were freed from the Graveyard of the Gods. Now, they want to take their revenge on Earth and Atlantis, and they flooded the whole planet with a strange water able to turn humans into monsters.

Arthur wants to talk with them, find a way to have peace, but their thirst for revenge is too much, and they won't accept any bargain. Aquaman then is not surprised to see that Black Manta is behind everything: he struck a deal between the Triumvirate and the Legion of Doom, and he just came to obtain his prize: the evil alien gods extract from Aquaman his Life Force power, an ancient force tied with Poseidon himself. Soon as they strip it from Arthur, they give it to Manta as his payment: more powerful than ever, Manta is shocked to find out how much power his nemesis held back every single time.

Meanwhile, searching for his lost comrade is Wonder Woman, drifting upon the ocean...

On Earth. Gotham City

As Jim Gordon is trying to coordinate an evac plan for the citizens of Gotham City, Batman appears to him, telling Jim that he's not in Gotham because he's coordinating all the activities of the Justice League in a worldwide rescue plan. The situation is desperate, but members of the Batman Family are already doing whatever possible to secure the gothamites. Just as Batman stops talking, a monster leaps up and takes Gordon underwater: the Commissioner is transformed, and attacks the Dark Knight, who is revealed to be just a projection. The real detective is still in the Hall, unable to move due to his extensive injuries at both arms and legs. He swears to Jim he will find a way to solve the problem.


Batman contacts Superman, who is in Metropolis. There, Ted Kord and S.T.A.R. Labs were able to build a wall which is holding off the water, saving the city. With Lois secure at the Fortress of Solitude, Clark will soon head out to another location. The Flash, who is travelling around the world, helping wherever he can, asks Batman if the enemy contacted them in some way, but the Dark Knight tells him there has been no contact from anyone. Analysis by Mr. Terrific though show that the water is coming from a single creature in the Atlantic Ocean, so stopping it might be key to turn back the tides. Superman, as the wall surrounding Metropolis collapsed, is angry and wants to get there as soon as Batman gives him the coordinates.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Flash and Superman get to the place Batman indicated, and there an alien version of the mythological Kraken stands, pouring the poisoned water from his body. Both Barry and Clark must be careful: if they touch the substance, they will probably morph just like all other human beings. As Superman clashes with the beast, one of the Triumvirate, Commander Drogue, comes out: he explains he trained this krakens on his home-world, and that this one is the last he was able to contain and control. When Poseidon casted him away from his world, the other kraken became inebriated with power, and developed a necrotic touch able to kill all life. The same touch he possesses: taking hold of Superman, he starts weakening him, then throwing him in the waters. Flash is barely able to take him before he bathed in the substance, saving him from transformating. Defeated, they leave.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis

Mera freed the Ocean Master from his prison, thinking his help might be a good thing to have in a situation as desperate as the one she's living. Orm reveals her that the legend of Arion and Poseidon is true, but that the original and true version of the story was hidden through time by Atlantis' royal line. In fact, Poseidon and Arion developed a tremendous weapon to defeat the Triumvirate, a weapon called the Tear of Extinction, made from reversing Poseidon's Life Force power. The secret to find it is in the crown of Arion, who Orm himself hid from the eyes of Aquaman.

Once they retrieve the crown, with Orm telling Mera to search for the Tear, so that she might defeat the enemy, Orm gets captured by Gall, one of the three gods, and transforms himself. Mera, now completely alone and with Atlantis doom, has to flee away.

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