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"Legacy" is an alternate future where children of Justice League members fight the Darkness.


The timeline was a result of the Justice League allowing the Kindred to sing their song, in order to save civilians. Unbeknownst to them, they were sending a signal to the Darkness to inade. Diana of Themyscira was marked by the Fear creature due to the dark feelings buried inside her.

When the Darkness infected her, it resulted in her conceiving Hunter Prince which the Darkness intended to use as a new kind of embodiment which was much more powerful. She gave him up to Superman and Lois Lane after being told about this by the Darkness.

Later she withdrew from the world and tried to contain it, but it was already too late. The Justice League hid their children on Mount Olympus, which the gods had mysteriously abandoned. Many of the heroes who went to battle it were possessed. After they re-emerged, they sought to help the devastated world.

This was interuppted by the arrival of the Sovereign, in actual Hippolyta who had become heartless due to losing her daughter Diana and had started inflicting her pain on the whole world. She conquered the whole world except Atlantis and exiled the gods of Olympus after taking over it. The former king Aquaman killed his possessed wife Mera and was exiled by his daughter Serenity.

Aquaman allied himself with the Sovereign, who had remained out of the Darkness' control due to her own anger and grief. Hippolyta attempted to capture the children for opposing her, though Aquaman let them escape sometimes as he had fought in the League alongside their parents. Vincent, a scientist of the Infinity Corporation, told them to fix the world by going into the past by finding the League.

The children succeeded in stopping the Darkness from taking over the future by containing it and transferring it to the Sovereign who willingly sacrificed herself by becoming a vessel and trapping herself in the void using a Boom Tube. It is unknown how exactly their actions impacted their reality.


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