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The Justice League fight Spore, a scientist-turned-monster in Baltimore. Steve Trevor handles a press conference as the head of A.R.G.U.S., government support and liaison

The Villain's Journey is a Justice League storyline written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee. It is the second arc in their Justice League volume, following Origin. The series establishes their continuity in the DCnU, following the timeline reboot in Flashpoint. Despite having appeared in an origin story, this is the first contemporary Justice League story in the New 52. It takes place five years after the first story arc, bringing them from the start of the heroic age into the present.


The Justice League fight Spore, a scientist-turned-monster in Baltimore. Steve Trevor handles a press conference as the head of A.R.G.U.S., government support and liaison to the Justice League. Congress asks Trevor for greater access to the team, and he challenges their authority against gods on Earth. Following the hearing, he reveals an unrequited love for Wonder Woman to Etta Candy. David Graves, the writer who named the Justice League, privately swears that he will use Trevor as a weapon to destroy them.[1]

Green Arrow auditions to join the League and is refused. He helps them fight Amazo, the Court of Owls and Felix Faust but they refuse to take him seriously. Eventually Trevor offers him a position on another team. It's revealed that the League refuses to accept new members because they were betrayed by Martian Manhunter.[2]

David Graves is told he'll die of cancer, and realizes the Justice League can't save him. He announces that it's time for something new and shoots his doctor. Batman, Cyborg and Superman stop an outbreak at Arkham Asylum. Their target is the Key, who has gone mad and insists someone stole his mind for information on them. The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman interrogate Weapons Master to find out this villain is learning ways of hurting them. Graves kidnaps Steve Trevor, and threatens to kill his family if he doesn't tell him everything about the Justice League.[3]

Graves is discovered to have been torturing and interrogating all their enemies, learning everything about them. In flashback he is seen to have received his powers from vengeful gods known as the Asura at Mount Sumeru. The League discuss this and realize how little they truly know about each other. Graves attacks them on the satellite, and uses his new powers to make them writhe in pain.[4]

His power is to hurt them using the ghosts of their loved ones. When he threatens Steve Trevor's family, Wonder Woman swears she'll kill him and Green Lantern fights her. This fight is broadcast by Graves all across the world. They discover that Graves blames them for the death of his family, having caught a mysterious illness during the Darkseid invasion. The League travel to Mount Sumeru and meet the lost souls trapped there, including their own loved ones. Steve Trevor's ghost greets them, revealing that they are already too late to save him.[5]

They are attacked by the ghosts, who are revealed to be psychic parasites. Steve Trevor is revealed to have survived the torture. Aquaman shatters Graves and the League takes him down, bringing him back to human. In the hospital, Steve Trevor tells Wonder Woman not to talk to him; she announces that they'll be requesting a new liaison. Graves' video of the League fighting amongst themselves damages their trustworthy reputation. Green Lantern quits the team. Outside, Superman and Wonder Woman take comfort in each other with a passionate kiss. David Graves is brought to Belle Reve, where Amanda Waller asks him to write a book on taking down the Justice League. He begins writing a book called The Villain's Journey.[6]


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