On Earth-11, the genders may have switched, but the nature of heroes hasn't. The Justice League still fights for good but the line-up includes a woman who doesn't take being called Plastic as an insult.[1]

It is said that on this world, the Amazons of Themyscira never hid themselves from the world, but instead shared their knowledge, influencing the course of its events. Is a matriarchal Earth a better one? Even though it still has its villains and needs its heroines, there seems to be no doubt that this world has seen changes for the betterment of all womankind.[1]

Superwoman soars through the skies overhead while Batwoman prowls the dark streets below. Meanwhile Aquawoman rules the seas and Wonder Man, expelled from the JLA, fights for the honor of the Amazons of Elysium Island.[1]



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