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The Justice League was reformed by Superman, who had been in recluse for 10 years, following the events of Kansas' destruction and the death of millions of people.


His resurgence in the world sparked the involvement of heroes of old and new, including Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Ray, Power Woman and Red Robin. Superman then recruited many older heroes, and the children of those heroes, to his cause. Many members of the newest generation of super-humans also joined Superman or vowed to stand against him.

When a riot broke out at the Gulag, Wonder Woman ordered several Leaguers to go and take control. In the ensuing chaos, Captain Comet is killed, forcing the involvement of the rest of the League, much to Superman's reluctance.[1] After Captain Marvel breaks open the Gulag, the League fights with both the inmates and with Batman's Silent Cavalry. In an act of desperation, the United Nations launches several nuclear bombs over the Gulag site; Batman and Wonder Woman deactivate two of them, but one of them is primed and falls over the battlefield. Superman attempts to stop the bomb, but Marvel throws him back and stops the bomb himself, detonating it prematurely over the Gulag, killing much of the League, Cavalry and inmate population.

However, due to the acts of Green Lantern, Jade and other super-humans, there were survivors who go to the United Nations Building to try and stop Superman from destroying it and all the representatives inside. Superman seeing them calms him down, and he vows to work with humanity, and not for it.[2]


  • On Earth 22, this group is known as the Justice Society of America.

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