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Up until the formation of Superman's Regime, the Justice League was the primary team of superheroes.


After the destruction of Metropolis, Superman turns the Justice League into a worldwide police force, ending violence and war in countless countries, and saving as many innocent lives as possible. They become militarily active, prematurely detonating rockets and shells intended for civilians and forcibly making peace resolutions between rival countries (such as Israel and Palestine).

When Kalibak invades Earth in order to test Superman's global ceasefire, the Justice League defends countless cities while under heavy fire from the armies of Apokolips. Just as hope seems lost, Superman kills Kalibak and the entire Apokolips army with a combination of his heat vision and super-speed, reducing all of the soldiers to ash.

When Batman learns that the Justice League has begun developing nanotechnology pills utilizing Kryptonian science, he kidnaps Hawkgirl and places Martian Manhunter in her place. When Damian Wayne uncovers this, Superman attempts to reveal Batman's identity to the world. To prevent this, Batman activates Protocol Icarus, hacking all television, phone and computer screens and displaying "Protocol Icarus" in place of Superman's broadcast, and simultaneously disabling all electronics aboard the Watchtower. Nonetheless, Cyborg manages to post "BATMAN IS BRUCE WAYNE" on an online social network.

Later, the synthetic ingredients for the pill are stolen by the Insurgency from the Fortress of Solitude. Superman confronts Batman in the Batcave, where the former attempts to guilt Clark into stopping his crusade. He is also stalling Clark from stopping the analysis of the super pill. Superman concedes that he cannot kill Batman, but he cannot have Bruce in a position to do him harm. He then proceeds to break Batman's back.

Once Superman realizes what Bruce has done, he attempts to torture Bruce as to the location of the super-pill ingredients. Bruce then calls Clark "just another thug!" as Alfred approaches Clark, having ingested the pill. He slams his head into Superman's head, sending him to the ground. Alfred pummels Clark repeatedly, breaking Clark's nose in the process. Alfred carries Bruce to the Batcave teleporter, where they leave for parts unknown.

Superman then announces to the United Nations that Batman has stolen the plans to the pill, and that he is a terrorist who will be stopped.



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