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The Justice League 3000 is a clone force in the 31st Century, remade from the DNA of the originals.


In the 31st Century, the universe is a mess. A once-glorious star-spanning civilization was crippled by The Five, a collection of godlike superbeings, who wrecked the civilization's ability to do or make certain things. A potential rival, Cadmusworld, fled from The Five, knowing that no force existed anymore that could challenge these superbeings. So a plan as hatched by a group of you researchers to get some people that could.

Five superbeings bearing the likenesses of near-forgotten heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern - awoke in this world. Informed that they had been summoned by Teri, a Cadmusworld native, they decided to become a resistance group. Their first mission was on Flatmas 12, looking to rout a garrison. There they met Locus, another of the Five, who kidnapped Green Lantern, killed the Flash, and dumped the other three on the prison planet Takron-Galtos.

Getting their bearings, they got into a fight with the planet's lawmen, who asked them to help him, revealing two important points. The first being that Takron-Galtos used to be the planet known as Earth. The second is that since the Five took control, most of the new prisoners have been poets and political agitators.

Then Ariel told them the truth about the process that had brought them here. Cloning as they remembered it was impossible with the current technology, so the method Ariel had theorized before quitting the project in disgust had been to inject volunteers with a serum that would transform them, body and mind, into the heroes that were asked for.

The League eventually triumphed over the Five, but their hardships didn't end there. Lois Lane took over Ariel's body as part of a ploy to destroy the Leaguers, and sent them out on extremely dangerous missions while she put an Injustice League together. Though the Leaguers kept surviving.

A time-displaced Supergirl joined the team during a conflict with Starro.[1] Shortly after, Lady Styx invaded Earth.[2] Her army of Scullions killed the half of the League and the survivors had to flee as Styx took over the world.[3]

Led by Supergirl, the remnants of the League went about gathering information on their enemy and searching allies. Unfortunately, Lady Styx was watching them closely and sent the Legion of Death after them, a group of mind-controlled teenagers that in another time would have been the Legion of Super-Heroes.[4]

The League was ambushed in Paradise Island.[5] Teri and Tina were sent to the 21st Century in mid-battle by Lady Styx.[6] Teri managed to return to the future with Blue Beetle's assistance and rejoined the fight. Supergirl and Green Lantern then went about taking the Legionnaires down and pushing them through a dimensional gate. The battle had been won but the Leaguers were still facing a long, tough war against an apparently omnipotent enemy. Yet still, Supergirl had confidence in their victory.[7]


  • The original names of the volunteers, before becoming the new Justice League, were:
    • Philip K. Sung (presumed Superman);
    • Joshua N'Obi (presumed Batman);
    • John Winston (presumed Green Lantern);
    • Alicia Silvera (turned Wonder Woman);
    • Dennis Murphy (presumed Flash, technically deceased and replaced by an unknown volunteer).

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