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The Justice League is an organization comprised of the world's greatest superheroes. Together, they operate as a team dedicated to fighting crime and injustice, and act as Earth's first line of defense from terrestrial, extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional threats. Their founding members included Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman. The team was first formed in response to Darkseid's invasion of the planet with his Parademons in search of his daughter.[1] Currently, they exist alongside Justice League Dark, Justice League of China, Justice Foundation and Justice League Odyssey.




The Justice League was formed early after the appearance of superheroes when the villain Darkseid attempted an invasion of Earth.

Founding members

Founding members

As Parademons swarmed the planet, newly introduced allies Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman teamed up to reduce the damage. Wonder Woman (on a diplomatic tour of Washington D.C.), Aquaman (whose kingdom was also under attack), and Cyborg (created by one of Darkseid's exploded Fatherboxes) also joined in the fight. The group of seven heroes repelled Darkseid and his forces back to Apokolips, and the world was beyond grateful for their cooperation. The heroes decided, in the interest of protecting the Earth, they would form an official team - calling themselves "the Super Seven".

This name would quickly be changed to the widely more recognized name "the Justice League", coined by author David Graves.

Early Adventures

The Justice League would work together to stop other invading forces, with one of their most prominent takedowns being Starro the Conqueror.[2]

Some time later, the Justice League would accept their first new member - the Martian Manhunter. However, due to a clash in personalities and working conditions, the relationship soured and resulted in a brawl between the League and their new recruit. Martian Manhunter left the team, and the Justice League closed its membership applications indefinitely.[3]

The Villain's Journey


Years later, the Justice League was still an active force of justice, with its roster consistent with only and all its founding members. The hero Green Arrow tried to audition for the team, but the League rejected his application because of their previous failure with Martian Manhunter.[3]

The League against Graves

The League against Graves

The writer who gave the Justice League their name years earlier David Graves, having since gained superpowers and a resentment for heroes since the team's formation, became the super-villain Graves. Graves sought to bring down the League and, in order to get information on them, hunted down and tortured their enemies and loved ones.[2]

With enough information and a plan in place, Graves attacked the League's headquarters - an orbiting satellite called the Watchtower.[4] As part of his plan, Graves broadcasted the League members fighting and bickering among themselves as they struggled to take him on, ruining the public's trust in the super group.[5] Though the League managed to finally defeat Graves at Mount Sumeru, the damage to their reputation had been done. In order to save the group some face, Green Lantern resigned, taking much but not all of the blame with him.

After this, members Superman and Wonder Woman began a romantic relationship.[6]

Throne of Atlantis

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A portion of the Justice League was forced into action when Aquaman's half brother Ocean Master declared war on the surface world by attempting to drown Gotham City and Metropolis. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman attempted to reduce the damage and deescalate the situation.

Orm, having initiated the war by falsely believing that the surface world had attacked Atlantis first unprovoked, as commanded his army onto dry land to invade. Orm also sentenced the members of the Justice League to imprisonment in the Trench.

Aquaman was forced to rescue his teammates from the Trench while Cyborg and a collection of some of Earth's other heroes fended off the invaders. When Aquaman returned with the rest of the League, he forced Ocean Master's surrender and reclaimed his throne as king of Atlantis to stop the war. The League discovered that the whole conflict - including the false flag attack on Atlantis - had actually been orchestrated by Aquaman's mentor Vulko to have Arthur return to his kingdom.

During the conflict, the Justice League would deputize a group of heroes as "Reserve Members", not granting them full membership but an officially designated alliance. These heroes were: Element Woman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Shazam, Hawkman, Vixen, Zatanna, Goldrush, Black Canary and Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond / Jason Rusch).[7]

Trinity War

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As the Justice League accrued more and more political power with every victory, Amanda Waller organized her own anti-Justice League team to work for the government in the event they were ever needed to bring down the real deal. This team would be confusingly named the Justice League of America. While the Justice League was recruiting new reserve members, Waller had Atomica join their ranks as a spy for her own JLA.

When Justice League member Shazam broke a no-fly rule over the country of Kahndaq to respectfully scatter his enemy Black Adam's ashes, Waller used the political opportunity to send her Justice League of America in to flex their strength against the League.

Three different Justice Leagues fight for Pandora's Box

Three different Justice Leagues fight for Pandora's Box

The confrontation escalates and eventually leads to violence between the heroes, and, in the skirmish, Superman seemed to kill JLA member Doctor Light, only worsening the tension.

While this conflict was going on, the mysterious woman Pandora floated between heroes, asking for them to open her box and hopefully contain the evil within the world. This important decision with Pandora only compounded with the already high anxiety between the two teams, and, to make matters worse, the Justice League Dark inserted themselves into the discussion too. The three Justice Leagues couldn't seem to all get on the same page and went to war with one another, pitting hero against hero about what to do with Pandora's Box.

However, at the end of the end of the conflict, all the heroes realized they had been duped by the Outsider of Earth 3, who used the box as a portal to bring the Crime Syndicate to Earth to conquer it.

Forever Evil

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After the the Crime Syndicate, an evil alter-reality version of the Justice League, invaded Earth, they quickly defeated their heroic counterparts and trapped them within the Firestorm Matrix to rule the world unabated. The only members of the Justice League to escape their imprisonment were Batman and Cyborg, the latter of which had all of his cybernetic parts ripped from him by a sentient AI system.

Thanks to a team of rogue supervillains calling themselves the Injustice League, the Crime Syndicate was defeated, and the League was freed.

Lex Luthor's Justice League

Post-Syndicate roster

Post-Syndicate roster

As compensation for their heroism in the crisis (and a little extortion), former villains Lex Luthor and Captain Cold were invited to join the League as official members. They accepted, and Luthor immediately went over all their heads and made the political decision to invite Shazam to join as a full time member as well.

After the League ran into conflict with the Doom Patrol for who would be able to recruit the new Power Ring, the League won out, and Jessica Cruz was added to the League roster as well, with the promise that they would teach her to control her new powers.[8]

The League experienced a crisis when a failed assassination attempt on Luthor's life at LexCorp accidentally released an experimental pathogen onto Metropolis. Though the virus was meant to suppress superpowers in violent crimes, it removed all but the most invulnerable's powers in the city and gave superpowers to otherwise powerless people. Expediting the pandemonium, people who received powers, mostly civilians, would die from the virus in a matter of time.

The Justice League attempted to contain the damage of the Amazo Virus, but their members continued to drop out due to infection. They were forced to fight patient zero of the virus, but, after Luthor synthesized a cure using Superman's resistant Kryptonian blood, he was able to administer it to the rest of the city and end the pandemic.[9]

Darkseid War

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New Direction

Same names, new costumes

Same names, new costumes

The Justice League went on a brief hiatus as all its members coincidentally went in drastic new directions in their lives - Batman died, was resurrected, and was replaced by Jim Gordon, Superman lost a majority of his powers and was slowly dying, Aquaman was kicked out of his kingdom and had become an outlaw, etc.

However, when a giant skeleton was discovered in the Himalayas, the Justice League reconvened to investigate. Without their ace detective Batman, the heroes recruited Gordon - who believed he was out of his league working with ... the League, to help them with his detective skills. The team included Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Batman (Jim Gordon), The Flash and Shazam.

The Justice League found the answer to the giant skeletons in the mountains - actual giants. The heroes tried to fight them off, but when Gordon noticed they were emotional creatures trying to protect each other, he sang them a lullaby to calm them down and end the conflict.[10]

The Leaguers would go back to focusing on their own lives, rarely meeting up while until their stories, predictably, eventually went back to the status quo.


The original Super Seven back together against Rao

The original Super Seven back together against Rao

The Justice League, back to their normal selves, reformed as the core seven founding members when they encountered the Kryptonian god-figure Rao, having arrived on Earth with his disciples. Rao went around the Earth performing miracles, including terraforming Africa. Though Rao intended his acts to be charitable, governments across the world worried at being deemed unnecessary by the god.

The Justice League split up to handle different aspects of Rao and his followers' alterations, with Green Lantern Hal Jordan and the Flash going back into time to Krypton to investigate more against the mysterious man. The heroes realize Rao's malicious intentions, hoping to terraform the entire Earth and use Kryoton DNA to populate the plan with a new race of ultra Kryptonians to worship him.

Though Rao's plan makes a lot of progress, affecting a huge number of the population, the Justice League fight back and attempt to undo his damage. Rao died in the ensuing fight, and the conflict was over.


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Justice League rebirth

Justice League rebirth

After the death and replacement of Superman, the Justice League regrouped, adding the new Superman and two Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to their roster.

The new team's first mission together was a worldwide threat: alien parasites were invading major cities and abducting people while cosmic entities called the Kindred spoke of the end of the world. The Justice League tried to reduce the damage across the world but realized that the alien invaders were trying to save lives from the impending apocalypse rather than start it themselves. As the immediate conflict drew to a close, the Justice League were forced to prepare for the alleged end of the world.[11]

Jessica Cruz temporarily left the team after a fear entity infected them all and made them play into their deepest anxieties. Though Jessica used her Lantern ring to overpower and destroy the entity, she felt, after the fact, that she wasn't ready to be a part of such an impressive team.[12]

The Justice League also had to deal with a computer virus that hacked into Cyborg and forced their orbital Watchtower to collapse to Earth, as well as hacked the Batcave and Simon Baz's Lantern ring. The virus was created by good-intentioned hacktivist James Palmer, whose technology was accidentally co-opted by his children, not realizing they had been using it to destroy the League. The situation had gotten so dire as to have accidentally put a huge bounty on the League's heads, sending a swarm of villains to their location to collect, but the heroes defeated them and got the computer virus under control.[13]

Justice League vs. The Suicide Squad


Jessica Cruz rejoined the Justice League, and Batman informed the team of the existence of Amanda Waller's covert super-villain labor team the Suicide Squad. The Justice League was disgusted by what they learned and interfered in one of the Squad's missions, wanting to disband the outfit. Though the League managed to overpower most of the Squad, Waller activated the aces up her sleeve and used the Enchantress and Killer Frost to ultimately defeat the heroes.

League vs. Squad

League vs. Squad

The Justice League were transported to Belle Reve and kept in containment, almost forced to join the Squad themselves. However, when Maxwell Lord freed the original Suicide Squad from their isolated maximum security cells to help him secure the Heart of Darkness, Waller had her current Squad team up with the League to stop him.

The mission went awry, and Lord successfully activated the Heart of Darkness to become the newest host of Eclipso. He infected a majority of the Justice League under his spell, leaving Batman and the Suicide Squad to fight his forces as he took over the White House. Killer Frost, again, showed the strength of her power and was the lynch pin in finally defeating Lord.

In the aftermath, the Justice League agreed to tolerate the Suicide Squad - which, as it was revealed, was secretly Amanda Waller's plan all along, having manipulated Lord to execute every step of his plan. Batman, believing the world needed a new super group with the strength of both the League and the Squad, formed the second and newest iteration of the Justice League of America.

Out of Time

The Justice League went on another time travelling adventure, being tasked by a girl named Molly the Keeper to stop a race of time entities called the Timeless. The Justice League were dispersed across the time stream until they realized that Molly had tricked them and instead intended to destroy Earth's heroes. The League came back together and ultimately stopped Molly.[14]

After a few more smaller adventures, Aquaman's fiancé Mera joined the team in his place, as Arthur was indisposed with his own problems.

Soon after, the League was visited by their time-displaced children from 20 years in the future - Cruise Jason and Jenny Allen, the children of Barry Allen and Jessica Cruz, Cube, the son of Cyborg, Hunter Prince, the son of Wonder Woman and Serenity, the daughter of Aquaman and Mera. Their children requested their help in stopping an entity that wrecked their future called the Darkness as well as the Sovereign, Aquaman's evil future self.[15]


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Justice Lost

The Justice League began to lose public favor when the American government put them on trial to investigate their unregulated autonomy; their case was not strengthened when one of their super fans dressed up like Batman and murdered an investigator.[16] Cyborg stepped up as leader of the League[17] and tried his best to relieve tensions politically, though this was borderline fruitless.

Things only continued to get worse. The Justice League and Justice League of America teamed up to save a portion of a city after a train collision, but, despite trying to save as many lives as possible by focusing on the district in the most imminent danger, by total coincidence, this made the Justice League appear to prioritize saving only the rich residents. Class-action lawsuits began to spring up in the US over people who felt they were not fairly saved by the Justice League.

Also, the Justice League Watchtower again fell to Earth, landing in Africa and destroying their reputation there. The Justice League was forced to defend their technology from African warlord Red Lion, who wanted to use their tech to wage war on other African nations. Red Lion, not giving up on his powerplay, attempted to extort the US government for a large sum of money for their connection to the Justice League and how poorly they were perceived to be handling the conflict in Africa. The Justice League were forced to pull out of Africa and accept that they were incapable of+ solving all the world's issues.

No Justice


The Source Wall was broken[18], and the entire Green Lantern Corps couldn't fix it. The villain Brainiac came to Earth and collected heroes and villains to battle the Omega Titans. The Titans were released from the crack in the wall to devour entire planets: in particular - his home world of Colu. Brainiac created four teams; one to stop each Titan. Entropy, Mystery, Wisdom and Wonder.[19]

Brainiac paired the Justice League up with heroes and villains from other teams in what he analyzed would be the best groupings to defeat each of the four Omega Titans. However, before Brainiac could lead them all in the fight, his head exploded due to Amanda Waller accidentally overloading him with a collection of Earth's strongest psychic users to learn more about his plan. Without a unifying leader, the four branches of the Justice League - Entropy, Mystery, Wisdom and Wonder - touched down on Colu.[19]

The Justice League struggled to understand how to stop the Wisdom Titan from destroying Colu, and decided to follow their nodes to the four Trees and restart the dying three energies to bring balance to Colu. At the Tree of Wonder, Superman and Sinestro discovered ten thousand stolen shrunken worlds. And having broken into the Ultra Penitence Prison; Batman and Deathstroke freed the prisoners held within, creating Entropy, until in the center of the prison they released... Brainiac 2.0.[20]

Brainiac 2.0's demand was: change Brainiac's plan. Brainiac 1.0 would have used the heroes to rule Colu by siphoning their power and diverting the Omega Titans to Earth. Instead the heroes continued to rejuvenate the weaker Trees, and Cyborg weakened the Tree of Wisdom.

The weakened Trees were reignited, but it was all too late, as the Wisdom Titan opened his armor, and engulfed the planet.[21] Brainiac 2.0 was livid and left the League stranded to ensure that the Earth met the same fate as Colu.

The Justice League returned to Earth to find that Brainiac I had planted a Cosmic seed there, and the Omega Titans followed. Unsure how to stop them from consuming their world, Cyborg realized the way to defeat them was to supercharge the Tree of Entropy's Cosmic Seed and implant it within the hungry Entropy Titan. Once Green Arrow had fired it into the Titan, his three brothers could not resist the need to feast upon him and Entropy was destroyed; his brothers: satiated; and Earth: saved.[22]

Legion of Doom

The new roster, justice vs. doom

The new roster, justice vs. doom

The Justice League, once again, updated its roster after the world was saved, adding Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern (John Stewart) as official members. Without their Watchtower, the League set up their new official base in the Hall of Justice.

Lex Luthor, having returned to villainy after discovering the cosmic strength of entropy in the galaxy and how, in the future, he would be revered as a martyr for his commitment to doom in the "age of heroes", assembled a new team of all the League's greatest villains to specifically counter them, calling it "the Legion of Doom." The Justice League and Legion clashes over controlling a cosmic force called the Totality, though the League managed to take it for themselves.

The Legion of Doom organized for the Triumvirate of Sea Gods to invade the Earth in an attempt to literally and metaphorically drown it. With Aquaman leading the charge, the Justice League fought to take down the gods and stop them from also turning Earth's citizens into sea monsters. In the end, the crisis was reverted, Aquaman suffered amnesia, and both Black Manta and the Joker had left the Legion of Doom.

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The Sixth Dimension

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Justice Doom Wars

While the Justice League prepared to bring an army of heroes for the upcoming war, Jarro discovered about the Legion of Doom's plan.

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