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Justice League was a half-hour animated television airing on the Cartoon Network from Novemer of 2001 until May 2004. It is part of the DC Animated Universe. Each episode was a two part episode to suit its storylines, with the exception of season premieres and finales, as well as the single episode "Comfort and Joy".

In July of 2004, the series officially ended and was continued as Justice League Unlimited.

Principal Cast

Guest Cast


Season One

Title Airdate
"Secret Origins, Part I" November 17, 2001
"Secret Origins, Part II" November 17, 2001
"Secret Origins, Part III" November 17, 2001
"In Blackest Night, Part I" November 19, 2001
"In Blackest Night, Part II" November 26, 2001
"The Enemy Below, Part I" December 3, 2001
"The Enemy Below, Part II" December 10, 2001
"Paradise Lost, Part I" January 21, 2002
"Paradise Lost, Part II" January 28, 2002
"War World, Part I" February 24, 2002
"War World, Part II" March 3, 2002
"The Brave and the Bold, Part I" March 10, 2002
"The Brave and the Bold, Part II" March 17, 2002
"Fury, Part I" April 7, 2002
"Fury, Part II" April 14, 2002
"Legends, Part I" April 21, 2002
"Legends, Part II" April 28, 2002
"Injustice for All, Part I" September 6, 2002
"Injustice for All, Part II" September 13, 2002
"A Knight of Shadows, Part I" September 20, 2002
"A Knight of Shadows, Part II" September 27, 2002
"Metamorphosis, Part I" October 4, 2002
"Metamorphosis, Part II" October 11, 2002
"The Savage Time, Part I" November 9, 2002
"The Savage Time, Part II" November 9, 2002
"The Savage Time, Part III" November 9, 2002

Season Two

Title Airdate
"Twilight, Part I" July 5, 2003
"Twilight, Part II" July 5, 2003
"Tabula Rasa, Part I" October 4, 2003
"Tabula Rasa, Part II" October 4, 2003
"Only a Dream, Part I" October 11, 2003
"Only a Dream, Part II" October 11, 2003
"Maid of Honor, Part I" October 18, 2003
"Maid of Honor, Part II" October 18, 2003
"Hearts and Minds, Part I" October 25, 2003
"Hearts and Minds, Part II" October 25, 2003
"A Better World, Part I" November 1, 2003
"A Better World, Part II" November 1, 2003
"Eclipsed, Part I" November 8, 2003
"Eclipsed, Part II" November 8, 2003
"The Terror Beyond, Part I" November 15, 2003
"The Terror Beyond, Part II" November 15, 2003
"Secret Society, Part I" November 22, 2003
"Secret Society, Part II" November 22, 2003
"Hereafter, Part I" November 29, 2003
"Hereafter, Part II" November 29, 2003
"Wild Cards, Part I" December 6, 2003
"Wild Cards, Part II" December 6, 2003
"Comfort and Joy" December 13, 2003
"Starcrossed, Part I" May 29, 2004
"Starcrossed, Part II" May 29, 2004
"Starcrossed, Part III" May 29, 2004

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