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The Justice League fight off a giant robot being remotely-controlled by Lex Luthor in the middle of a city. Superman manages to rip a hole in the back of the robot, exposing its reactor core, and Batman flings a Batarang straight into the core, causing it to overload. As the robot falls on top of Ha

Quote1 It seems we're not in Metropolis anymore. Quote2
J'onn J'onzz

Legends, Part I is an episode of season 1 of Justice League. It premiered on April 21, 2002.

Synopsis for "Legends, Part I"

The Justice League fight off a giant robot being remotely-controlled by Lex Luthor in the middle of a city. Superman manages to rip a hole in the back of the robot, exposing its reactor core, and Batman flings a Batarang straight into the core, causing it to overload. As the robot falls on top of Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter, the Flash creates a whirlwind to keep it from crushing them. Suddenly the robot explodes and takes out a chunk of some nearby buildings. The four Justice League members are gone.

They appear in a totally different city, unable to communicate with Superman or Batman. Martian Manhunter tries to use his telepathy, but he ends up receiving painful images of a nuclear destruction. The four of them decide to investigate the city they are in, and discover that it strangely resembles the type of city one would find in the 1960s, complete with an ice-cream truck with a friendly driver. Flash wonders if they have been transported to the past, but Green Lantern picks up a discarded newspaper and sees that its date is the current year, though the city they are in is called Seaboard City. They soon see a criminal escaping from a music store with a prized violin. He uses an accordion that projects powerfully repellent sonic waves when played. He tries to take off in a vehicle resembling a clarinet when Green Lantern stops him. The criminal calls him Green Guardsman and blasts Green Lantern away with his accordion playing. He takes off in his vehicle, but Green Lantern uses his ring to snag the violin out of the criminal's hands, passing it onto the Flash who wonders why Green Lantern was called Green Guardsman.

Then suddenly a bold heroic voice says, "Here in Seaboard City, crime doesn't pay!" They look and see a man wearing a turbine-powered belt standing on top of a building. He activates the belt and is charged with electricity. He jumps down and gives Flash a powerful punch that knocks him into the park. Green Lantern pulls the turbine belt from the man's waist, but he is soon joined a man in a black cat-like bodysuit riding a motorcycle and a blonde-haired woman in a mask wearing a swimsuit and nylons. She jumps out of the motorcycle's sidecar and delivers Green Lantern a kick, with the man in the cat suit giving a few licks of his own. Hawkgirl and J'onn J'onnz offer Green Lantern an assist, but are soon shaken up by a jackhammer made of green energy. It is a superhero that makes Green Lantern say, "It can't be." He tells the "villains" to surrender, but Hawkgirl charges at him, only to be encased in a green energy cage. Flash sees Hawkgirl caged and tries to race to her rescue, but a similar red-clad speedster wearing a racing helmets gets in his way and knocks him out. Meanwhile, a young boy across the street jumps with joy at the action unfolding before him, cheering, "Go, Streak, go!"

As the fighting between the heroes continues, the turbine-belted man knocks Martian Manhunter into a nearby building, letting loose some debris that falls upon the boy. Flash sees this and zooms off to save the boy from the debris. The other speedster notices the rescue and tells the other heroes to stand down, saying that the two teams should have a talk. As the Justice League members enter the headquarters of the other team, the host team introduce themselves as the Justice Guild, its members being Catman, Black Siren, Green Guardsman, Tom Turbine, and the Streak. After the Justice League members introduce themselves, they see that the young boy rescued is a Junior Guildsman member named Ray Thompson, who wants to be a crimefighter just like his idols. Then suddenly Martian Manhunter starts to feel a little dizziness, which the Streak dismisses as "something a tall cold glass of milk won't cure". Black Siren offers to serve some fresh-baked cookies and invites Hawkgirl to come into the kitchen with her. Hawkgirl refuses until Green Lantern secretly tells her it's best to play along, and so she departs into the kitchen with Black Siren, asking how she manages to fight crime and bake cookies.

Green Lantern has a private conversation with the Flash, telling him that the Justice Guild were comic book characters he used to read about as a boy, and as corny as it sounds, they inspired him by teaching him what it means to be a hero. Soon Hawkgirl emerges from the kitchen, carrying a tray of cookies and milk to serve to the male heroes. She tells the Flash, "one word, and you'll be the fastest man alive with a limp!"

In a hideout on top of a rocky cliff near the ocean, the musical villain tells other villains -- a magician with a turban, a scientist wearing a doctor's examining headband, and a masked man wearing a sports uniform -- about new heroes in Seaboard City with the same incredible powers as the Justice Guild. Three of the villains turn against each other until the magician stops the squabbling, suggesting that they should hold a contest, a wager with each other, with the villain able to pull off the most spectacular crime to be the one who will devise a plan to destroy the Justice Guild and their new allies.

At the Justice Guild headquarters, Tom Turbine shows that he has been at work creating a trans-dimensional gateway, hypothesizing that he has studied the possibility of infinite dimensions each with its own planet Earth, occupying the same space but vibrating at a different speed. He suggests that the Flash has somehow managed to match the vibrational rate of the Justice Guild's Earth with his super-speed, creating a tear between the two worlds. As for how the history of the Justice Guild on this Earth wound up as a comic book story on the Justice League Earth, J'onn J'onnz suggests that the creators of the comic book had a psychic link to the Justice Guild Earth. Unfortunately, the gateway doesn't have a power source yet, which means the Justice League members will be stuck on the Justice Guild Earth for a while. Tom Turbine says he will work night and day in the promise of getting the Justice League team back to their home.

Soon the Justice Guild is greeted by the local Seaboard City police with a message from the Injustice Guild (the group of villains seen earlier) proclaiming that they're preparing a crime spree based on the four known elements of the ancient world. The Streak, upon reading the message, call upon the Justice League members to help them defeat these criminals. Green Lantern speaks for his team, saying the Justice Guild can count on them. Ray Thompson goes to a bookcase and pulls out a box from a hidden compartment that held Justice Guild membership rings. The Streak says they are now made honorary Justice Guild members. Soon the Justice League members are each paired off with a Justice Guild member, with Tom Turbine staying behind to work on the trans-dimensional gateway.

The Streak and Green Lantern head for the museum, where the "fire" clue leads them to believe that the fabled Flame of Rasputin will be stolen. The turbaned magician called Sir Swami is already there and takes the valuable gem with ease, but is greeted outside by the two heroes that he manages to hold off until he disappears inside a telephone booth. The musical villain called the Music Master breaks the glass roof of the Museum of Flying and takes off with an experimental historic biplane, with Green Guardsman and Hawkgirl in hot pursuit. Hawkgirl tries a frontal assault which the Guardsman blocks, telling her not to damage what is an irreplaceable part of their history. However, as they continue pursuit of the Music Master in the air, the biplane rips the cords from a window-washer's scaffold, causing two workers to dangle precariously from it. Hawkgirl tells the Guardsman to steady the scaffold, but he tells her that his power ring doesn't work against aluminum, so Hawkgirl simply grabs one of the window washers while Guardsman catches the other from falling. Hawkgirl goes after the biplane alone, but is knocked out of the sky by the Music Master's accordion, landing safely on a hill.

Outside the city hall, the Mayor cuts the ribbon in the inauguration ceremony to a new dolphin-sculptured water fountain which Mr. Blizzard, the frozen scientist villain, freezes over with his headband. The Flash and Black Siren contend with him, with the Flash managing to snag the headband from the villain's head. However, he is soon distracted by a truck full of explosives headed for a collision with a bus full of nuns. The Flash zips in and gets into the driver's seat of the remotely-controlled truck, diverting its course and ducking out of there just barely to escape its explosion as it collides with a building. Black Siren checks to see if the fallen Flash is all right, but Dr. Blizzard uses his recovered headband to freeze both heroes in a block of ice.

The baseball uniformed Sportsman, in the meantime, drives off with the Seaboard City Clay Court Tennis Championship trophy after tying its owner to a tree, but is soon followed by Catman and J'onn J'onnz. Catman turns control of his motorcycle over to Ray Thompson while he leaps on board the truck. The villain uses an explosive badmitton birdie to try throwing his pursuers off. J'onn easily avoids it by turning intangible, but it shakes Catman off the roof of the truck, using his claws to try hanging on. As the heroes and Sportsman approach the city, J'onn reels in agony as he is hit with a powerful mental image of the entire city engulfed in a nuclear explosion. Catman sees that J'onn has fallen and jumps back onto the motorcycle to retrieve him.

Hawkgirl comes to and finds herself on a hill next to some grave markers. She removes the vines from one of them and recoils as she discovers it is the grave marker of Scott Mason, the Green Guardsman.

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  • Catman's motorcycle
  • Historic biplane
  • Music Master's getaway vehicle


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  • The episode is dedicated in loving memory to Gardner F. Fox.
  • The Streak's dated (and seemingly racist in the present time) compliment to Green Lantern, saying that "you're a credit to your people", can also suggest that "your people" is talking about the people that inhabited the Justice League Earth.
  • Flash' comment to Dr. Blizzard about not having "a snowball's chance in hell" has the "hell" part cut off by the sound of a car horn that alerts him to the dynamite truck on a collision course with the bus full of nuns.

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