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Continued from "Legends, Part I"...

Quote1.png We died once to save this Earth. And we can do it again. Quote2.png

Legends, Part II is an episode of season 1 of Justice League. It premiered on April 28, 2002.

Synopsis for "Legends, Part II"

Continued from "Legends, Part I"...

Hawkgirl talks with Green Lantern outside the Justice Guild headquarters and tries to tell him what she found, implying that the Justice Guild members inside the building aren't who they say they are. Green Lantern flies off in disbelief, and Hawkgirl follows him to the same hillside, where he sees the grave markers of all five Justice Guild members, indicating that they are all dead. Green Lantern decides it is time to find some answers. He stops the driver of the ice cream truck seen earlier and asks him about the grave markers on the hill. The driver seems rather reluctant to tell Green Lantern anything about them, saying that he has deliveries to make and ice cream to sell. Green Lantern tells him that he hasn't seen the driver make any stops to sell ice cream. The driver squirms him way out of the conversation, saying "he might hear us", and drives onward, leaving Green Lantern and Hawkgirl wondering.

At the Injustice Guild hideout, three of its members boast about their spectacular heists and notice that one of them, Dr. Blizzard, hasn't shown up with his prize catch. Then he shows up riding into the hideout down an incline with his catch -- two prisoners, Black Siren and the Flash -- saying that this entitles him to be the winner in their nefarious contest. The Flash asks if Dr. Blizzard plans to turn him and Black Siren into "snow cones". Dr. Blizzard simply answers that he has much bigger plans than that.

At the Justice Guild headquarters, the four Justice Guild members pace around in their meeting room, hoping to hear word of Black Siren and the Flash, when they receive a phone call from the police, saying that the Injustice Guild has robbed the Seaboard City Mint and are escaping by blimp. The Justice Guild decide to go into action and stop the Injustice Guild, with the Martian Manhunter and Ray Thompson joining them.

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl enter the Seaboard City Library and look through its books, only to find its pages totally empty of any printing. They decide to go downstairs to find the newspaper archives, but the door to the basement is blocked by a brick wall which Hawkgirl breaks through with her mace. Behind the wall, though, they find an abandoned subway station that looks like it had been through a war. Green Lantern stumbles upon an old newspaper lying on the ground with headlines that read PEACE TALKS BREAK DOWN and WAR NEAR. He notices that the date on that newspaper is from 40 years ago, which is the same date as the last Justice Guild comic book published.

The Justice Guild, meanwhile, arrive at the scene where they see a blimp carrying Black Siren and the Flash tied up and carried on its side. Green Guardsman, Tom Turbine, and J'onn J'onnz attempt to fly at the blimp in a frontal assault, but the Music Master blasts J'onn away with his accordion while the Sportsman uses an explosive golf ball to knock Tom Turbine out of the sky. The Streak creates a cyclone to catch J'onn while the Green Guardsman rescues Tom Turbine with his energy ring. Sir Swami ensnares the two heroes by causing a television antenna to come to life. Catman ejects the motorcycle's sidecar and rides the bike unto the roof of a nearby building, using it to jump onto the blimp and then rappel himself down into its cab section to take down the villains. As the Streak is busy freeing Green Guardsman and Tom Turbine, the Flash decides to use his lightning-bolt head ornaments to puncture a hole in the blimp, causing it to lose air. Soon the loss of air causes the blimp's passengers to be jolted to one side, with Sir Swami falling out through the door, only to be caught by J'onn J'onnz. The Flash catches Black Siren from a fall, and Tom Turbine leaps over to carry the two heroes to safety. Catman tosses the villains out of the blimp as it continues to descend into the street, being caught and carried away by the Green Guardsman, who deliver the Injustice Guild to the authorities.

As the Justice Guild return to their headquarters with the Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Ray Thompson, the last of whom just goes on talking about the exciting adventure that he had personally seen, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl greet them with some serious news: that the Justice Guild is not actually the Justice Guild. They provide proof of this charge by presenting a newspaper from 1962, headlining JGA KILLED IN BATTLE. Green Lantern says that the real version of the Justice Guild died. The Streak finds this hard to believe, but soon they are interrupted by a phone call from the police department, saying that a giant robot is now tearing up the city. The Justice Guild head toward the door, but Green Lantern blocks their exit, saying they still have unfinished business to take care of. He says that none of what they have experienced makes any sense: library books with blank pages, ice cream trucks that never stop, and dangers that spring up whenever someone gets too close to the truth that the Justice Guild world is an illusion, a recreation of a world that was destroyed long ago when the Justice Guild gave their lives for it. This, Green Lantern says, was also why the Justice Guild comic books had stopped being published on the Justice League world.

Tom Turbine asks who would be behind his world being an illusion, and the Martian Manhunter suggests that it is Ray Thompson, sensing him to be the center of it all. With his mental abilities, J'onn J'onnz probes into the boy's mind, and soon Ray recoils as he is transformed from an innocent normal-looking boy into a hideous-looking mutant with an enlarged cranium and pulsing veins. He hisses, "you've ruined everything," and uses his powers against the Justice League members while the Justice Guild contend with the giant robot that now shows up outside their headquarters.

Green Guardsman pauses in his effort to fight the giant robot when he sees the mutant Ray Thompson torturing Green Lantern after having taken down the other Justice League members, saying that they need the Justice Guild's help. Tom Turbine stops him, saying that if what Green Lantern says is true, their world will cease to exist, as will they themselves, if they defeat Ray. The Streak, after looking at the scene with their fallen comrades under Ray's powerful control, says the Justice Guild died once to save their world, and they can do it again. They suddenly charge toward Ray and pummel him with an attack that causes such a great strain on his mental abilities that he collapses on the ground, possibly near death. As Ray collapses, Green Lantern watches sadly as his heroes vanish, and the once picturesque landscape of Seaboard City is replaced by ruins. However, some of its citizens, such as the ice cream truck driver and the policemen, turn out to be real people who were trapped in this virtual reality created by Ray's mental abilities for 40 years. They feel as though they have been awakened from a nightmare, and now they can start rebuilding a world that they themselves have destroyed.

But that still leaves the question of how the Justice League members will get back home to their world. Green Lantern has an idea, and soon the team digs their way into the basement of the destroyed Justice Guild headquarters, finding the real Tom Turbine's trans-dimensional gateway still intact. Green Lantern then powers up the device using his power ring, causing a portal to open within its archway. He tells the other members to get through it quickly, as he has no idea how long he can keep the gateway powered up. Green Lantern is the last to enter as the portal closes up behind them.

Back at the Justice League Watchtower, as the Flash talks to Superman and Batman about what he had experienced on the Justice Guild world with their heroes and villains, Hawkgirl joins Green Lantern looking out of a window, brooding. He says he feels stupid mourning for people that weren't even real. Hawkgirl tells him that those people gave their lives for the Justice League, and that is real enough for her.

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  • Catman's motorcycle
  • Injustice Guild's blimp


  • It is implied that the Justice Guild Earth was devastated during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, which culminated in a nuclear holocaust in this world. This is similar to the plot of the "Crisis on Earth-Prime" storyline, specifically Justice League of America #208, where an alternate Earth was devastated during the Missile Crisis.


  • The episode is dedicated in loving memory to Gardner F. Fox.
  • The Streak's dated (and seemingly racist in the present time) compliment to Green Lantern, saying that "you're a credit to your people", can also suggest that "your people" is talking about the people that inhabited the Justice League Earth.
  • Flash' comment to Dr. Blizzard about not having "a snowball's chance in hell" has the "hell" part cut off by the sound of a car horn that alerts him to the dynamite truck on a collision course with the bus full of nuns.

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