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Continued from "Starcrossed, Part II"...

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Starcrossed, Part III is an episode of season 2 of Justice League. It premiered on May 29, 2004.

Synopsis for "Starcrossed, Part III"

Continued from "Starcrossed, Part II"...

As soon as Shayera returns to the mothership, Kragger has her arrested. He plays the recording of her conversation with the League for Hro, revealing both her treachery and her affection for John. Hro is heartbroken, but orders her locked up.

Kragger leads a strike team to Wayne Manor to eliminate the League. Fully powered now, they beat back the attack and take several prisoners. Unfortunately, J'onn is unable to figure out how to pilot Kragger's ship, so he goes deeper into his mind to find out. However, Kragger's mental defenses, manifesting in the form of hawks, attack J'onn, as his wounds appear on his in reality. He is able to topple the mental flame inside Kragger, gaining the information he sought, while leaving Kragger catatonic.

Batman is in command of their strategy: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern attack the command ship to shut down the force field protecting the hyperspace generator; Batman, Flash, and J'onn infiltrate the Watchtower using the strike team's shuttle (and with J'onn masquerading as Kragger), and incapacitate the occupation force. Batman explains that he plans to take the Watchtower out of orbit and use it as a missile to destroy the generator. He and the others load the unconscious Thanagarians into the escape pods, but Batman launches the pod with himself staying behind, saying that he has to guide the Tower in manually. "Gentlemen," he says in farewell, "it's been an honor."

While Superman and Wonder Woman battle the Thanagarian fighters, Lantern breaks into the ship to reach the force field controls. Talak is waiting for him, wanting revenge for his stolen love.

As Wonder Woman fights her way through another part of the ship, she passes Hawkgirl's cell. "I should leave you to burn," she says, but releases her.

The generator complete, the Thanagarians begin the activation to open the hyperspace gate.

The Watchtower travels down through the atmosphere, piloted by Batman. As the heat increases, the Tower begins to break up. Hearing where Batman is, Superman breaks off from the battle and flies to intercept him.

In the control room, Lantern fights hard against Talak, but loses and is knocked out. Hawkgirl chooses her side.Talak raises his battle axe for the kill, and Hawkgirl appears, telling him to stop. He attacks her, and they battle even more ferociously. He beats her, and she begs him, for the sake of "us," not to kill Earth's innocents. He gives her a almost deadly shock and then tells her "There's no 'us' anymore, Shayera". He then throws her to the ground. "Just a fallen traitor, and a soldier with a job to do."

Lantern regains consciousness, and attacks Talak again, but is very weak. As Talak punches him, Lantern taunts him, and an enraged Talak swings his axe, inadvertently hitting the shield surrounding the force field control. In the resulting explosion, he is knocked out and the shield drops, allowing Lantern, with Shayera's help, to deactivate the force field.

Superman streaks after the Watchtower as Batman, overcome by the heat and smoke, finally passes out. Superman breaks in and pulls him free just before it hits, destroying the generator.

Aboard the ship, Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman are confronted by more Thanagarian soldiers, but Hro orders them to stand down – their mission has failed, and there's no point in fighting anymore. The Thanagarian forces leave Earth, abandoning Hawkgirl.

At Wayne Manor, Hawkgirl waits while the League debates whether to allow her to remain. Alfred tells her that, regardless of what the others decide, he still considers her a hero. In the conference room, Flash and Wonder Woman are the strongest for and against votes, respectively; J'onn is also sympathetic, and Superman wants to trust her, but warns that there is a great risk in doing so; John is silent. Ultimately, Batman realizes that they're just going in circles, and says that they should just vote.

Superman is about to announce the League's decision, but Hawkgirl interrupts, saying that she's resigning from the League. As she goes, J'onn and Superman say that it's their duty to rebuild the League.

Outside Wayne Manor, John asks Hawkgirl where she'll go now. She says she isn't sure, but that she wants to be somewhere where the world isn't resting on her shoulders. She tells him that she never lied about one thing: she does love him. Then she flies away, leaving him to say, "I love you, too..."

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