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The Justice League is Earth's primary superhero team; the planet's first line of defense.


Superman Family Adventures

The league attempted to stop a fiery meteorite heading to Earth, only for most of the team to be trapped by Lord Darkseid. Superman was able to dodge his Omega Beams, using them to free his allies. They briefly had a scuffle with Darkseid and his Parademons, but he was able to trap them again. Luckily, the Super Pets came to their aid and were able to slow the meteorite so that it could land safely. Looking at his watch, Darkseid decided to simply leave, as he had work the next day.[1]

Super Powers

After locating Lex Luthor's base, the Justice League confronted in from the Pacific Ocean and got into a conflict with his Legion of Doom. While they were able to defeat their rivals, they were unprepared for the arrival of Starro, with many of them being possessed by the conqueror. Luckily, Superman arrived and was able to throw Starro into space, freeing his friends.[2]

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Tageted by Superman Pryme.

Brainiac attempted to send Clark's ally, Superwoman, into the Phantom Zone, only for Superman Pryme to freak out and grab the Phantom Zone Projector. Brainiac misfired and trapped New Krypton instead. Now even more angry, Prym-El destroyed Luthor's base. After they escaped, he turned his anger toward the Justice League. He was able defeat them, but he was confronted by the Unknown Superman, who took him to the future to reform him. Afterwards, they recruited Superwoman into the league.[3]

The Justice League responded to a call from Robin; Darkseid was attacking Gotham City. After trapping his Parademons, Darkseid unleashed his Omega Beams, freeing the inmates of Arkham Asylum. The Shazam Family arrived to help, but only made Darksid more angry. Batman convinced Firestorm to absorb the Omega Beams and redirect them into the Boom Tubes. Meanwhile, Superman used of the Starro's spores to paralyze Darkseid. The Flash caused the Boom Tubes to loop, with Superman throwing Darkseid into the vortex.[4]



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