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"Old Glory": Max Lord leaves for the Moscow Embassy.

Quote1.png Bad move, pal. You coulda done some serious damage. You coulda messed up my comic book! Quote2.png
Guy Gardner

Justice League America #46 is an issue of the series Justice League America (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1991.

Synopsis for "Old Glory"

Max Lord leaves for the Moscow Embassy.

Guy Gardner is watching TV and sees there is an auction for General Glory comic books. Guy decides he wants the comic book and he goes to the comic book convention.

Guy gets into a bidding war with an old man, Joseph Jones, and ultimately wins the bid at $5,000.

Back at Justice League International headquarters, Guy is reading his comic book when the old man from the auction arrives. He tells Guy he wants to look at the comic and Guy kicks him out.

The old man knocks on the door again and Guy opens it. Guy gladly hands over the comic when Jones offers to reimburse him for just one quick look. Checking out a page where a young man recites an oath, Jones wonders how he could have forgotten, utters the words and changes into General Glory.

Appearing in "Old Glory"

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  • Schmidt

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  • Naomi




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