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"General Glory Fights Again!": Flying over Paris, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice go to watch their friend Scott Free escape a locked safe near the Arc de Triomphe. Unbeknowns

Quote1.png General Glory... hmmm. Perhaps it's not as strange as it sounds. After all, we've got two Gods, an ice-goddess, a robot, an idiot with a magic ring, a grown man who flies around in a giant bug - and a green man from Mars. So - who's to say comic book characters aren't real? Quote2.png
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Justice League America #47 is an issue of the series Justice League America (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1991.

Synopsis for "General Glory Fights Again!"

Flying over Paris, Blue Beetle, Fire and Ice go to watch their friend Scott Free escape a locked safe near the Arc de Triomphe. Unbeknownst to them, inside the safe is actually Shilo Norman, the new Mister Miracle in-training. After he does not emerge, Blue Beetle grapples the safe from inside his Bug and they fly him to the embassy. Leaving Scott and Oberon chasing after them.

Shilo emerges from the safe mid-transport and suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. Inside the Bug Fire realizes that it is not Scott but an "imposter". Fortunately Lightray flies past and safely brings Shilo into the Bug.

Following General Glory's recent reappearance[1] Guy Gardner attempts to persuade J'onn and Orion to let him join the team, an argument which steadily becomes heated. In the monitor room L-Ron intercepts an incoming message from Blue Beetle and a later one from Scott explaining that he'll sort out the misunderstanding.

In an abandoned warehouse in Bayonne, France Schmidt is putting in the final touches to his latest super-weapon - a "Super-Immolatorial Lasaronic Death Ray" - however, in his hubris, he drops the power unit causing a huge inferno to engulf the building. L-Ron interrupts the team's arguing to inform them all and they fly over.

The team manage to slow the fires a little but General Glory runs into the building after hearing that there may be people inside. He runs right into a defunct Überbot but is immediately knocked away by a torrent of water. Orion had Boom Tube'd water from the river into the house to quench the flames.

After, Max Lord tells J'onn that he can see promise in General Glory (and the dog he saved) and would consider adding him to the team.

Appearing in "General Glory Fights Again!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Liberty
  • Rudolpho (First appearance)



  • Boom Tube
  • Schmidt's Super-Immolatorial Lasaronic Death Ray
  • Überbot


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