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"Multiversal Meltdown!": The desperate Justice League travels to the Promethean Galaxy in the Javelin-7, past fragments of the disintegrating Source Wall. Only Hawkgirl does not flinch at the sight of it, and this sca

Quote1.png This is a priority alert to every Green Lantern Ring in a hundred million light-years. Return to Oa. Race to the center of the universe... the edge of space is about to rip open! The Source Wall is going to explode! Quote2.png

Justice League Annual (Volume 4) #1 is an issue of the series Justice League Annual (Volume 4) with a cover date of March, 2019. It was published on January 30, 2019.

Synopsis for "Multiversal Meltdown!"

The desperate Justice League travels to the Promethean Galaxy in the Javelin-7, past fragments of the disintegrating Source Wall. Only Hawkgirl does not flinch at the sight of it, and this scares her.

The Green Lantern Corps is using all of their willpower to hold the Wall together, for if it falls, so does the multiverse. Lanterns Kyle Raynor and John Stewart attempt to educate Starman but he is already speaking with the universe, and opens a portal through which the New Gods bring the captured Wonder Omega Titan. Through a second portal Ganthet and the remaining G.L.C. drag the Wisdom Titan, while Shayera and the Thanagarian Fleet tow in the final living Omega Titan - Mystery.

As Hawkgirl watches the assembled Omega Titans near the Source Wall, her cosmic wings sprout in anticipation, anxious to play her part as the avatar of the fourth Titan - the dead Entropy. She had learned from Starman, weeks before, that the Titans' critical function was to repair damage to the Source Wall, using the energy they had gained from consuming worlds.

The three living Omega Titans are pushed against the wall, and it grows around them. They offer no resistance. Hawkgirl, in her suit designed by Starman, flies into the void in the wall meant for Entropy, prepared to give her lives to save the multiverse. While she enjoys a few moments in a psychic projection of heaven with Martian Manhunter, something outside goes terribly wrong. Brainiac is alive and has brought the Legion of Doom to the Promethean Galaxy.

Lex Luthor had secretly rebuilt Brainiac in the Hall of Doom, to help Luthor take hold of the remaining three universal forces and free Perpetua. They would simply hijack Starman, and draw the remaining energies from him, while Brainiac's drones kept the Justice League busy.

Starman channels the entropic energy through Hawkgirl when she thinks she's ready, yet still, she screams! And in that moment Brainiac's tendril snakes out and grasps Starman, who is forced to fire his energy out into the Totality, completing Lex Luthor's mastery of all seven universal forces. Perpetua is freed in a blinding light! The space battle freezes; the Promethean Giants open their eyes and glare; and the goddess Perpetua forms in front of the assembled armies.

Ganthet calls out for Highfather, but the time of the New Gods is over and Highfather fades back into the Source. Apokolips and New Genesis follow suit, as Adam Strange reports that they have ceased to exist in a flash of light. Lightray and Orion try to Boom Tube away, but seem to meet the same fate.

The Wall; the wall is burning — exploding — but Hawkgirl still desperately tries to complete her task with the Omega Titans. As Martian Manhunter pulls Hawkgirl away, the Titans are screaming while the Wall disintegrates around them, until a final shockwave like a new Big Bang, and Source Wall is gone.

In the Ghost Sector, Uxas is hidden behind a distortion field and has escaped the end of the Fourth World.

On Earth, the Swamp Thing hears all of nature screaming: as in Heaven the Spectre swears holy vengeance.

Above the fray in the House of Heroes, Kalel tells the rest of Justice Incarnate that the end is here.

Brainiac, Sinestro and Luthor are momentarily awed by Perpetua forming within the Skull Ship, and flee with her still-inactive body. Returning to the Hall of Doom, they prepare for a war unlike anything the multiverse has seen before.

Similarly awed, yet despondent, is the Justice League who are warned by Ganthet that they are seen by many as the destroyers of the universe — the multiverse — as everything is now in motion and the League flees before it.

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  • Both origins of the Promethean Giants are supported in this issue; they were originally Perpetua's Great Army imprisoned; as well as hapless beings who tried to cross the Source Wall, and were petrified.

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