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Quote1 I think we can put Major Disaster and his Injustice League to good use Quote2
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The Injustice League was a team of inept villains who accidentally became considered heroes. Maxwell Lord made them the Justice League Antarctica to get rid of them.


The super-villain known as Major Disaster once gathered several like-minded criminals in order to establish a counterstrike team for the newly internationalized Justice League. Calling themselves the Injustice League, Disaster's team briefly engaged the JLI, but was summarily defeated. The Injustice League disbanded, and each of the team members went their separate ways.

A short time after the dissolution of the Injustice League, Major Disaster and Big Sir encountered his former teammates at an unemployment office in New York City. Inspired by this chance encounter, he convinced the others to regroup for one final crime spree. They decided to steal the highly coveted Dooley Diamond from the Metropolitan Museum of Sundries. When they arrived however, they discovered that a team of terrorists had already arrived before them and were in the process of stealing the diamond for themselves. The Injustice League sprang into action and defeated the terrorists, but authorities arrived before they could steal the diamond for themselves.

By sheer luck, the newspapers treated them as heroes, citing that the allegedly reformed villains were now working on the side of justice. This inspired Major Disaster even further, and he pled his case to the Justice League International team liaison, Maxwell Lord. Lord felt that it would be prudent to keep an eye on these inept characters, so he invited them to join the team representing the Antarctica branch. Primarily, Lord felt that this would make a great opportunity to give the resident team imbecile G'nort something to do. He placed G'nort in charge of the team and set them off to Antarctica.

G'nort sent out an invitation for the team's eighth and final member – the Scarlet Skier. Due to G'nort's poor directions however, the Scarlet Skier didn't arrive at the team's new headquarters until some time after they had already set up shop.

While the bulk of the team sat around their headquarters arguing amongst themselves, G'nort took it upon himself to go on patrol. He found the abandoned ruins of a scientific research station and learned that a pack of genetically altered killer penguins had broken free of their cages and slaughtered the staff. He raced back to JLAnt headquarters, whereupon he finally reunited with the Scarlet Skier. G'nort warned the team of what he had discovered, but it was too late. The killer penguins converged on the Justice League HQ.

Meanwhile, the leaders of both the American and European branches of the JLI learned about what had been transpiring in Antarctica. They flew down there to lend a hand only to find that an earthquake had completely leveled the facility. The former Injustice League members were trapped below, while carnivorous penguins ravaged the surrounding region. Fortunately, for the JLAnt, G'nort erected a protective green force bubble, which kept the debris and rubble from crushing them. The JLI teams extracted their disenfranchised colleagues from the mess and brought them back to the United States.

Maxwell Lord reviewed the case file and decided that the Justice League Antarctica branch served no true purpose, and disbanded them. Several of the team members remained on the JL roster as reservists, and Major Disaster ultimately became a full-fledged member during the team's JLA years. During an event informally referred to as "Breakdowns", several JLAnt members renewed their active status as Maxwell Lord's personal bodyguards.

Other members of the team went on to join the third incarnation of the Suicide Squad, only to lose their lives on the team's first mission. At present, the Justice League of America does not maintain an international charter, and there is no interest in re-establishing the Justice League Antarctica branch.

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