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"The Death of Magic, Part 3: Prisoners of Epoch": The world of Epoch is suffering from some kind of environmental upheaval caused by the arrival of the Justice League Dark. Since arriving there, each of them has been changed somehow. No mat

Quote1.png The truth doesn't matter now, Zatanna. They have our friends. We have an army. Quote2.png
Tim Hunter

Justice League Dark #17 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2013. It was published on February 27, 2013.

Synopsis for "The Death of Magic, Part 3: Prisoners of Epoch"

The world of Epoch is suffering from some kind of environmental upheaval caused by the arrival of the Justice League Dark. Since arriving there, each of them has been changed somehow. No matter their situation, Madame Xanadu is worst off, as all of the years she has been an immortal are catching up to her, and she will soon wither and die in the captivity of Epoch's magic-hating overlords, the Network.

At Nanda Parbat, the danger to the Earth is obvious as lightning fills the skies. Dr. John Peril explains that both their world and Epoch are filled with magic, and that on this world, that magic is expelled through the magic users like Zatanna. Unfortunately, Epoch has no natural way to expel its magical energy because they forced their magic users into submission. Now, as a result of opening the portal between the worlds, all of the magic from Epoch is being vented through into this world, but the pressure is too great on both sides.

The only way to prevent the destruction of both worlds will involve sending a message to Tim Hunter and Zatanna on the other side - but that means someone has to cross through the portal. Unexpectedly, it is Tim's father who volunteers. Though they don't think he should, Peril and Trevor give Jack Hunter the message that Tim needs to hear.

Meanwhile, in Epoch's Wild Area, Zatanna warns Tim against buying the wood nymphs' story entirely, but she is interrupted by the return of a wood nymph spy, who has infiltrated Network. The spy explains that Constantine and his companions have been captured. Seeing this, Tim realizes that he no longer has the option to disbelieve the wood nymphs' story, because now his friends are in danger. With Epoch's marginalized magic users as his army, he intends to lead them to victory against the Network, as the Hunter returned.

Network, meanwhile, senses the magical force heading its way, and Enforcer Vikar volunteers to take care of it himself, while Network protects its citizens against the ongoing magic storm.

Constantine and company, meanwhile, have been dumped into a strange device which analyses them. They have been separated from Frankenstein, whose unique physiology is of interests to Network's scientists. Though he doesn't have a particular plan, John hopes he can rely on Frankenstein to get out and wring the neck of whomever he has to to get his companions free. Without much further ado, Frankenstein does exactly that, and drags one of the scientists back to the other captives, ensuring that they are freed.

While they wait, Madame Xanadu realizes she is not long for this world, and begins to tell John of a prophecy she has seen: she will die there. Some of them will not return from Epoch, but no matter the situation, it is John who gets through the portal before it closes. And, in addition to leaving one of his friends behind, John will give the order that will lead to Zatanna's death. These are words John doesn't want to hear, but his upset is set off balance by Frankenstein's arrival.

Seeing Network's forces in the sky, Zatanna comes up with a plan to deal with them indirectly. Rather than attack head on, she creates the illusion of an even greater army at their sides, and masks them from detection. Then, she searches for John.

In their attempts to escape, the way is barred by a cave-in, and John and company are forced to run for their lives as Network's facility falls apart around them.

Meanwhile, Vikar leads the charge against the magic users, and Tim rallies his own troops for battle.

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