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"The Death of Magic, Part 4: The Last Stand": While a battle rages in the other-dimensional city of Epoch, Dr. John Peril makes the risky attempt to send Jack Hunter across the dimensional portal from Nanda Parbat to Epoch in ord

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Justice League Dark #18 is an issue of the series Justice League Dark (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2013. It was published on March 27, 2013.

Synopsis for "The Death of Magic, Part 4: The Last Stand"

While a battle rages in the other-dimensional city of Epoch, Dr. John Peril makes the risky attempt to send Jack Hunter across the dimensional portal from Nanda Parbat to Epoch in order to save both universes and his son Tim in the process.

Meanwhile, John Constantine leads the rest of the Justice League Dark in an escape from the wreckage of Network's containment facility where their mystical qualities were being studied. Though they are all alive, Madame Xanadu is in particularly poor shape since her immortality seems to have warn off to the point that she is aging rapidly. Black Orchid, meanwhile, has been transformed into some kind of Swamp Thing with ties to both The Red and The Green. Once to safety, their first concern is finding Tim and Zatanna.

The battle raging between Network's policeman Vikar and Tim Hunter's magical forces continues as the ongoing expulsion of magical energy from Epoch to Earth has put the citizens of Epoch at risk. Realizing that their arrival in this place has put innocent lives at risk, Zatanna gives up the battle to protect the citizens with her own magic. The magical creatures of Epoch, though, are still determined to get revenge for their subjugation, and Tim struggles to stop them, and finds himself overwhelmed.

John and company, meanwhile, are surprised when Jack Hunter appears before them. The man uses hitherto unknown magics to fly up above Epoch and freeze everything in place. Seeking out his son, Jack explains that they will have to create a large and controlled burst of mystical energy together, and send it off into space and away from Epoch. Though Tim is confused by the revelation that his father can use magic, they work together to gather all of the power they have, and dispel it into space.

With the two universes stabilizing, the warring factions give up their battle, leaving Tim and Jack standing together - descendants both of the The Hunter, a wizard who had fought in the initial rebellion against Network. Though everything is back to normal for them, Xanadu and Orchid are still changed, and they are eager to get back to Earth in the hopes that they can be returned to normal by the trip. Jack and Tim, meanwhile, decide to remain in Epoch as wizard-kings.

After returning to Nanda Parbat, Xanadu and Orchid do, indeed, return to their former selves - but everyone is still changed to some degree. Though John no longer suffers from an inability to lie, the reversion did not come fast enough to prevent him from saying some quite candid things about his feelings for Zatanna. Fortunately for him, she absolves him of any need to discuss it.

Turning to Steve Trevor, John warns that he and his team will no longer be working in cooperation with the government and A.R.G.U.S. He invites those assembled to join him in solving the world's problems, or to stay behind and become government stooges. Naturally, everyone follows John into the House of Mystery as Trevor warns that turning their backs on him now could make them enemies of the Justice League. Naturally, John doesn't care.

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